GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – President Trump arrived at Pitt-Greenville Airport around 1:20 p.m. and spoke for just over an hour. 

He hit on common themes — attacking Joe Biden and Democrats, and criticizing the media.

The president also touched on issues like the economy, unemployment, the coronavirus and more. 

He claims that one or more COVID vaccines will be out by the end of the year. 

He urged North Carolina supporters to pressure Governor Roy Cooper to re-open the state. 

“We closed it down and now we’re building it back up, and by the way North Carolina, tell your Governor to open up your state, open up your schools. You gotta open this one up. I mean the people want to get back the kids want to get back in school,” says President Trump.

He was greeted by a big crowd, cheering him as he spoke… just as they’re cheering on his re-election effort.

Tonight was supposed to be his second debate with democratic opponent Joe Biden. 

Instead, the President and Biden will take part in competing town halls on separate TV networks.

President Trump rally featured a sea of red, with lots of enthusiastic supporters.

Supporters were fired up as they listened to President Trump speak Thursday afternoon.

They went through temperature checks, then made their way into the rally area.

Supporters were cheering, clapping, throwing hats in the air, and holding up ‘Make America Great Again’ signs.

One Trump fan says she is proud of the way the president is handling his re-election campaign.

Another Trump supporter, Mark Zephir and his wife Linda, say one of the things they hoped the President would mention was his administrations plans on social security.

And he did just that.

Many times during the rally, we heard supporters yelling ‘four more years’ and ‘we love you,’ as the president spoke.

After the rally, supporters waved to President Trump as Air Force took off for Miami where he’s participating in a televised town hall event. 

Employees at PGV were preparing for President Trump’s rally at the airport. 

Airport executive director, Bill Hopper, said his number one priority was keeping visitors and employees safe, by taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions. 

He said, “We’ll make sure that we do the preventative measures that we can just to make sure. And that’s with everybody you know you’ve got to assume that anybody that you come into contact with could have been exposed.”

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