There are more than a few reasons why Southerners make the trek down to the Sunshine State every year: families flock to Disney, foodies are lured by fresh catch, and pretty much everyone can appreciate the peninsula’s miles and miles of great beaches. It’s the most stylish of these tourists, however, that go for one important thing: the antiquing. From quaint Mount Dora to glitzy South Beach, Florida’s cities and towns are often treasure troves for avid hunters.

But if there’s one destination that’s arguably Florida’s vintage capital, it’s Palm Beach. The South Florida resort escape boasts dozens of antiques hot spots, ranging from tiny mom-and-pop shops to massive showrooms.

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And if there’s one that’s become synonymous with Old Florida style, that’s Circa Who. Any fan of vintage wicker worth their seashells has likely heard of the upscale resale boutique in West Palm Beach. Founded in 2004, the shop offers circa 20th century furniture and décor ranging in style from midcentury modern to Hollywood regency.

Here, shoppers will find everything from shell-encrusted chandeliers to bamboo bar carts up for grabs. There’s also decorative chinoiserie and elegant garden art to swoon over. And, yes, there’s lots of glorious rattan and wicker.

Courtesy of Circa Who

But before you think we’re dangling forbidden fruit in front of your eyes—your annual pilgrimage to South Florida may have been cancelled this year, after all—here’s the good news: You don’t have to actually go to Florida to Florid-ify your home. Because Circa Who sells their stylish furniture online, too.

Courtesy of Circa Who

At, antiques enthusiasts can browse hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage items for sale right now without ever having to leave their home. That means no plane ticket, no hotel room, and no need to don your most adorable and appropriate outfit for antiquing (though straw hats and sundresses are never a bad idea).

And while you might miss out on the experience of in-person haggling, deals aren’t hard to find—just browse the site’s Sale section for great finds at even greater prices.

Ready to score a new conversation piece for your home? Shop at, or follow along on Instagram to stay up-to-date on some of the shop’s latest additions.  

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