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Parks and Recreation is officially hosting a 2020 session of summer camp at Comstock Community Center while taking numerous steps to ensure the safety and peace of mind of campers, parents, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Looper and Cool Tots will be reminiscent of previous years, but with some unique twists to maintain compliance with State and Town public health guidelines. Parks and Recreation staff have worked diligently to make camp the best experience possible in the current climate.

Campers can expect to have familiar schedules to previous summers. Although the formerly robust travel schedule will not be present, some favorites such as Ice Cream Emergency and Dave’s Planet Pizza will be making guest appearances throughout the summer. There will also be some surprise virtual visits. Every program and activity will be designed to provide campers with leadership opportunities, academic exposure, and social growth. The 2020 session of summer camp at Comstock will be one of Parks and Recreation’s most memorable events.

Some of the precautions that will be taken to manage camper and staff safety will include designated entry and exit points for each camp room, screening of campers and staff prior to building entry, and a registered nurse to monitor everyone involved in the program. Campers and staff alike will be required to sign informed consent forms, a waiver stating awareness of the risks involved with COVID-19, prior to the start of the program. Extensive coordination between Parks and Recreation and the Town Emergency Operations Committee has given Camp Looper and Cool Tots a comprehensive policy guide that covers every potential variable involved with the program.

Camp Looper and Cool Tots will run for eight consecutive weeks starting June 22 and ending on August 14 at the Comstock Community Center, 180 School Road in Wilton. Registration is available online now through Wilton Parks and Recreation’s e-Trak registration system. Camp rules and consent forms are available on the Parks and Recreation website. Camp fee is $290 per camper per week.

Questions and comments should be directed to Wilton’s Parks and Recreation Office at (203) 834-6234 or emailed to [email protected].

This article originally appeared on the Wilton Patch

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