In The Tall Grass is a 2019 Netflix adaptation of the Stephen King/Joe Hill story, but here’s where to spot the movie’s easter egg nod to Christine.

Here’s where to spot Christine’s cameo in 2019’s In The Tall Grass. Recent years have proven to be something of a golden period for Stephen King fans, as there’s been renewed interest in adaptations of his novels. On the big screen, there’s been the IT duology and Mike Flanagan’s acclaimed Doctor Sleep and the Netflix produced Gerald’s Game. There’s been plenty of King action on the small screen too, including Mr. Mercedes and the recent The Stand miniseries.

In The Tall Grass arrived in 2019 on Netflix, which was adapted from the Stephen King/Joe Hill novella. In The Tall Grass cast Patrick Wilson, Harrison Gilbertson, Avery Whitted and Laysla De Oliveira as a group of people who become trapped in a time loop within the titular grass, and are driven to the brink of madness trying to escape while uncovering its secrets. The movie received something of a mixed reception because despite an intriguing premise and buildup, the narrative feels meandering once it gets underway.

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The movie also made some notable changes to the In The Tall Grass book, especially in regards to the ending. While the premise alone bears comparison to Children Of The Corn, there is a nice easter egg to one of Stephen King’s most popular novels Christine. Around the 22 minute mark when Travis (Gilbertson) pulls up outside the Church of Black Rock the Redeemer, a long-abandoned Plymouth Fury can be seen among the cars near the building, which is the same make as the titular possessed car in Christine.

in the tall grass christine easter egg

In The Tall Grass director Vincenzo Natali later confirmed the link with Christine on Twitter, though he stated it was an imperfect recreation of a Plymouth Fury which was the best a limited budget would allow. John Carpenter famously adapted Christine in 1983, which was his follow-up to The Thing. Despite being acclaimed as a masterpiece now, The Thing was a critical and commercial disappointment upon release and its failure saw the director fired from another King adaptation, Firestarter.

Carpenter later confessed to having taken on Christine as something of an assignment as he needed a job, but despite this, he still produced an effective thriller that is now fondly regarded. It also helped make the Plymouth Fury itself somewhat of an iconic car, which should make it easy to spot in In The Tall Grass for King devotees. Despite a rush in the last few years to remake some older adaptations of King’s work like Pet Semetary or Firestarter, there don’t seem to be any plans in the works for a Christine revival.

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