Once upon a time, February was the most dreaded month of the year. If you weren’t in a relationship, it felt like only a time for couples. And if you were dating someone, there was so much pressure to find the perfect gift and be Pinterest-level romantic. But then, along came Galentine’s Day — the holiday that saved the most disliked time of the year. If you’re wondering how this (magical, pink, lovely) day came to be, grab your box of chocolates and read on because yes, I am a Galentine’s Day historian.

It all started with a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation titled “Galentine’s Day.” In the show, Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) hosts a February 13 brunch for her best girlfriends. She said the event — held one day before Valentine’s Day — was all about “ladies celebrating ladies.” I mean, of course we all fell in love with this day. How could we not? From that point on, February 14 was pretty much canceled. Kidding, but, Galentine’s Day quickly became the best part of the month and is now highly celebrated year after year.

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So, how does one throw a Galentine’s Day celebration? Well, there’s no wrong way to do it. It’s as easy as telling your friends that you love and appreciate them. But, if you’re looking for a bit more inspo, you’re in luck. Beyond knowing everything about this holiday, I’m also a Galentine’s Day Party Professional.

galentine's day

Krista Stucchio

Pick a theme

Everyone loves a good themed party, and this is no exception. Instead of everyone just wearing pink or red, giving your friends a specific direction to go in can really let them get creative. Maybe the theme is slumber party, and everyone wears fun pajamas. Or if you miss getting dressed up (same), you can ask everyone get red carpet ready and wear old prom dresses. Another idea is to make it pop culture focused, and ask your friends to dress up as iconic female movie, show, and book characters.

Have a secret gift exchange

Presents are never a bad idea, and nothing says ladies celebrating ladies like a whole bunch of cute gifts. Use an online generator like this one to secretly match up you and your friends. Set a price limit, be it $5 or under $25, and ask everyone to wrap the gifts in pink wrapping paper. If you’re not together IRL, make sure everyone has enough time to mail their gifts and then take turns opening together on a video call.

Make a balloon wall

galentine's day decor ideas

Krista Stucchio

It’s not a party without a balloon wall, OK? Whether it’s for the background of your Zoom call or a real life photo booth backdrop, this is the easiest and most festive DIY decor you can do. Simply order heart-shaped balloons and line an empty wall with them. Easy, cute, and practically made for Instagram.

Serve heart-shaped food

galentine's day pizza

Krista Stucchio

There’s certainly no shortage of heart-shaped eats during this time of year, from grocery store cookies to drugstore chocolates. But, I highly recommend going for a heart-shaped pie. Many local pizza shops run specials on this kind of pizza during February, so there’s a likely chance you can find someplace near you that can do something like the picture above.

Make a dessert charcuterie board

galentine's dessert

Krista Stucchio

ICYMI: Traditional charcuterie boards are kind of over. Now, it’s all about putting fun new twists on the platter. For Galentine’s Day, you can make a dessert board filled with pink and red sweets. Beyond tasting good, it will look good on your feed.

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