By John J. Metro

Where do you see your personal growth in the next five or 10 years? What about our community’s growth, how we commute, utilize parks and occupy housing?

The Jersey City master plan survey is a questionnaire asking residents for input on community objectives and the future vision of our everyday lives. Your comments are important, as feedback will help drive long-term city planning goals and strategies for the next two decades.

The Jersey City master plan includes seven elements: Land Use Plan; Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Plan; the Housing Plan; Circulation Plan; Economic Development Plan; Utilities Plan; Historic Preservation Plan; Bike Plan; and Resiliency Plan. You will complete three surveys that address all these elements.

Visioning Survey: This survey asks for comments on long-term goals and will help establish overall city priorities for the future.

Neighborhood Survey: Feedback gathered in this survey will help enhance neighborhoods for Small Area Vision Plans, which will provide a tailored vision for neighborhood-scaled plans rooted in the local community’s priorities and concerns.

Open Space Survey: This survey will help navigate the future of one of Jersey City’s most valuable assets—our park system. It will address necessary park improvements, additional locations, and amenities.

Through a collaborative effort incorporating neighborhood feedback paired with data-driven analysis and decision-making, we will create the blueprint for current conditions and guide ensuing growth, transformation, and development through a consistent framework.

However, this process can only be effective with your input to make it a true statement of public policy. Jersey City must build the plan upon community values, desires, and visions that will guide our city’s future.

To complete the survey online, go to Hard copies in multiple languages are also available at city hall and the city hall Annex.

The deadline to complete the Jersey City master plan survey is tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 15.

John J. Metro is a Jersey City resident and currently serves as acting business administrator for the City of Jersey City.

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