LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)–The Lansing School District Board of Education unanimously voted to delay the return of students to Lansing schools for in person education until January 25, 2021 at
the beginning of the next new semester.

“We are listening to parents, teachers and staff, and while most everyone wants our kids to
safely return to in-classroom education as soon as possible, COVID 19 infection rates locally
and nationwide are still too high right now to start school in the Lansing School District,” said
superintendent Sam Sinicropi. “We don’t want students or staff returning from the holidays and
family gatherings and then coming to school buildings with an infection that causes a superspreader event. If we move forward slowly and wait to start school until the end of January, I think we will be in a much better position to open schools safely.”

Superintendent Sinicropi reported to the Board of Education that plans to hold all fall extracurricular activities including football and other sports and clubs are in the planning stages for the Spring of 2021 in statewide leagues with other schools who also postponed activities this fall.

“We know this is going to be hard on Lansing families, but the reality is that COVID cases are
going up, not down,” said Board or Education president Gabrielle Lawrence. “We hope that by
making this decision early to stay online into January 2021, families can make plans and
arrangements to accommodate their child. We still have slots open in our Learning Labs that
allow working parents to sign-up and drop off their child during the school day and know their
student will be safe and supervised by great community partners at places including the Boys
and Girls Club, the YMCA at three locations, Impression 5 Museum, Woldumar Nature Center,
Lansing Parks and Recreation at the Foster Center, or Caterpillar Corner at several school

The Lansing School District is the largest public-school district in the Mid-Michigan region with
more than 10,000 students and is committed to offering a high-quality education to students in
a caring, collaborative and excellent learning environment.

The Lansing School District tells students to, “Dream Big – We’ll Get You There.” For more information, go online to

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