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The weather is cold across much of the nation right now and the frosty pattern will make for a chilly Valentine’s Day this year in most parts of the nation. But we’ve got some ideas on how you can warm the heart of the special person in your life.

With this year’s Valentine’s Day also complicated by the pandemic, dinner out at a fancy restaurant may not be an option, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel romantic plans altogether.

There are still great ways you can spend the day with your favorite person, regardless of whether you’re a married couple or in a fairly new relationship. We’ve gathered five great things you can do for Valentine’s Day this year, and some are even suitable for those who want to remain socially-distanced.

Sending flowers is a tried and true gift. For centuries, flowers have been a Valentine’s Day gift of choice, symbolizing fertility, love and romance. Whether you opt for the classic rose or a more joyful bunch that suits your beau’s personality, see below for the best flower delivery services.

See Florist’s arrangements for Valentine’s Day here.

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While many couples usually book a table at the fanciest restaurant in town or plan a weekend getaway, many this year will be opting to stay in the safety of their own home. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for boring takeout food and watching TV, because you can still enjoy the luxury of delicious food, but also enjoy the pleasures of learning to cook it yourselves!!

Learning to cook a dish with your significant other is a great bonding exercise. Plus, the skills you pick up can be used to treat your significant other on days throughout the calendar year – think Mother’s Day and birthdays, to name a couple.

Masterclass is an online educational tool that features cooking classes from Gordon Ramsey, who reveals the secrets to restaurant-quality cuisine, and Massimo Bottura who explores the art of fine modern Italian cooking. The legendary Thomas Keller offers guidance in his seafood masterclass.

The course isn’t just limited to food. There are wine-appreciation lessons from one of the world’s top wine critics, including James Suckling, who has tasted more than 200,000 different types. Best yet, once you’ve subscribed, you have access to all of the Masterclass content — including all 16 on food and hundreds of other classes on art, design, gardening, poetry, philosophy, wellness music, and much more.

See the Masterclass courses here.

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Some of the best memories and deepest conversations take place over a campfire. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows s’mores, drinking a cold one, or snuggling in your favorite fleece blanket that you’ve had for years, the SOLO STOVE is a great way to reinvent the classic bonfire but in a much safer environment.

Featuring its Signature 360° Airflow design, this SOLO STOVE burns your firewood evenly, so you don’t have to poke it with a stick every 10 minutes. It even avoids the toxic smoke that coats your clothes in a smokey smell.

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Nothing says nostalgic romance like a portable projector screening on Valentine’s Day. The affordable VANKYO Leisure 470 250” Wireless Projector can connect to your mobile phone to stream any of the classic rom-coms Ryan Gosling has been in, or the Netflix series you’ve been dying to find the time to begin.

You can project on any flat-light surface, whether it’s the back of your home, while you sit around your SOLO STOVE, on the wall in front of your couch — or even on a bedsheet dangling from a clothes-line. If you and your partner said you’ll only get each other personal gifts this year, creating a montage of your travel videos and memories, and then sharing them on this projector will score big points.

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Whether you’ve enrolled in James Suckling’s wine appreciation Masterclass or want to try your own hand at exploring the wonderful world of wine, FirstLeaf will help you upon your journey.

Take a short quiz, and FirstLeaf will tailor a wine selection depending on your taste preferences. This is a great way to expand your palate gradually. FirstLeaf is America’s #1 Awarded Wine Club, with 92% of their wine selection being award-winning. The site has more than 1 million customer ratings to guide learning, which allows an extremely accurate way of matching your palate to the wine selection. You can read the full story — from who picks the grapes to the journey from seed to bottle — on the FirstLeaf website.

Buying through FirstLeaf also allows you to save money, shaving off the retailer’s profit margin, you’ll be buying directly from the supplier, saving you approximately 60%.

Explore FirstLeaf’s wine collection here.

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