If you’re planning to fly into Boston with Cathay Pacific, you may want to consider visiting some of the city’s top attractions. Some of the most popular include the JFK Presidential Library & Museum, Chinatown Gate, and the New England Holocaust Memorial. However, these are just a few of the many options available.

Symphony Hall

One of the most important buildings in Boston, Symphony Hall is a monument to music for all who hear it. It is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Huntington Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue. The building is home to the Boston Pops Orchestra and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

As the center of the city’s musical life, Symphony Hall hosts a variety of events. These include business conventions, dance shows, fashion shows, silent film screenings, and mayoral inaugurations.

The hall’s acoustics are considered to be world-class. In 1999, it was listed as a National Historic Landmark.

During the summer of 1997, the Hall underwent an extensive renovation. Its concert lighting was upgraded. It also had its electrical support systems enhanced.

The interior of the Hall is characterized by a warm paint scheme. Occasional marble embellishments can be found. However, the design of the room is quite simple.

A central five-bay portion rises to the third story. The lower side “aisles” consist of corridors and public gathering areas. The uppermost part of the auditorium is occupied by seven clerestory windows.

The main hall has a shallow pitched roof. During the Symphony season, the auditorium can seat more than 2,600 people. There are 800 tables on the main floor.

The statues of historic figures related to music add beauty to the hall. For example, Beethoven’s name is engraved over the stage.

Boston Children’s Museum

The Boston Children’s Museum is one of the most influential children’s museums in the world. Established in 1913, the museum is home to a collection of 50,000 objects including ancient artifacts, natural history specimens, and rare dolls.

Located along the Fort Point Channel in Boston, the museum features a variety of exhibits that teach children about science, culture, and health. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum also features temporary and special shows and performances.

One of the best parts about visiting the Boston Children’s Museum is the opportunity to interact with different materials. There are over 20 permanent interactive exhibits, each designed to provide children with a hands-on learning experience.

On top of the three floors of permanent exhibits, the museum also offers several interactive areas for children to play and learn. The Recycle Shop enables visitors to recycle items and create arts and crafts projects with the materials available.

The Museum also has a 3-story climbing structure named the New Balance Climb. This colorful climbing structure encourages young children to practice their physical skills.

Other attractions include KidStage, a performance area with kid-size stage and professional actors performing short plays. Kids can also participate in Kid Power, which focuses on eating healthy.

Children can explore the world through the Global Gallery, which teaches them about the different cultures around the globe. The Museum also has a Construction Zone, which allows kids to use power tools.

JFK Presidential Library & Museum

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in the history of the Kennedy family and the nation. Visitors can see hundreds of artifacts that reflect the life and legacy of President Kennedy. They can also take in the impressive views of the Boston Harbor and Harbor Islands from the waterfront walkway.

The museum is housed in a striking building designed by I.M. Pei. There are 25 exhibits to see, all featuring dramatic multimedia displays and period settings. It also features historical documents and furnishings that were used by the Kennedy family.

One of the most interesting displays is the Space Race. This includes an exhibit on the space race between the United States and Russia. Jackie Kennedy is featured in the exhibition, which chronicles her personal creativity, contributions to historic preservation, and travel abroad. In addition, visitors can see a Mercury 7 space capsule that was loaned to the Smithsonian.

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. You can park for free in the open lot adjacent to the building. However, the museum asks visitors not to take photos with tripods or drones.

The Kennedy Museum is located on a ten-acre waterfront site. The building’s huge glass atrium has spectacular views of the harbor. Also on display is a sailboat that was owned by President Kennedy.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a historic museum that takes guests back in time to the time of the American Revolution. Visitors can experience life aboard two full-scale replicas of 18th-century sailing ships and interact with the historical figures they’ll meet.

The museum combines traditional Boston museum exhibits with cutting-edge technology and live reenactments. A multi-sensory documentary and holograms immerse visitors in the events of the Revolution, while a cast of actors performs in period costume.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is located in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, just 0.3 miles from South Station. It is open year-round. Tickets are sold online, and there are discounted tickets available for Massachusetts residents.

Guests can take a one-hour tour, which starts every half hour during the fall and winter seasons. For the rest of the year, the tour is offered every 15 minutes. During the summer, the schedule is reduced to 29 tours per hour. There is also a gift shop, which is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Boston Tea Party Ships & museum is one of the city’s best attractions for kids. Kids will have the opportunity to throw tea overboard, and meet patriots who fought for independence.

There is also a gift shop, which features unique items that you can only find in the museum. Some of the items include an original tea crate from the Boston Tea Party, a feature disguise, and a vial of tea.

New England Holocaust Memorial

If you’re planning a trip to Boston, you may want to check out the New England Holocaust Memorial. This museum is one of the more popular attractions in the city. It is a tribute to the six million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust.

The memorial was built in 1995. It is located in Carmen Park in downtown Boston. Across from Faneuil Hall, it stands on a black granite slab.

The museum features six 54-foot-tall glass towers. Each tower is engraved with numbers, which represent the number of people who died in the Holocaust. These numbers are also accompanied by quotes. In the evenings, the towers are lit with smoke.

Another feature of the Holocaust Memorial is a large black granite panel. The panel contains quotes about the Holocaust, as well as the names of the six main Nazi death camps.

The New England Holocaust Memorial is a blend of modern architecture and rich symbolism. Designed by architect Stanley Saitowitz, it has no admission fees.

The memorial is open to the public at all times. There is a walkway that connects the six towers. On the other side of the plaza, there is the Boston City Hall memorial.

One of the most unique aspects of the Memorial is the design. Each of the six towers represents a different Nazi death camp.

Each tower is also illuminated from inside. At night, the glass piers glow. Moreover, the glass panels have quotes engraved on them.