Tulsa’s master plan for parks was last updated more than a decade ago, but input from residents is now being sought for a new outlook. Here, John Dawson sits at Centennial Park last fall.

Tulsans who would like to participate in the city’s Parks and Recreation master plan survey are running out of time.

The survey is available online through March 31 at tulsaparksurvey.org. The master plan was last updated more than a decade ago.

“We are trying really hard to make sure that we don’t do things to people,” said Parks and Recreation Director Anna America. “We do them with them, and … we’re listening to what people tell us they want and what they need in their parks.

“This survey and the other tools we’ve been using are the best way to do that.”

Tulsa’s park system included 135 parks covering approximately 8,200 acres. In addition, the city contracts with a private company to operate four golf courses.

The city mailed out 40,000 surveys in February that will comprise the statistically valid survey results. The mail-in and online survey results and other data collected as part of the master planning process are expected to be shared with the public in early May.

America said the online survey provides the city with an opportunity to hear from user groups it might not capture in a traditional mail survey — a skateboarder, for example.

“I have no idea what skateboarders want, where they need a facility or whatever,” she said.

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