As one of Brisbane’s premier attractions, taking in its skyline from the Story Bridge is one of its greatest draws. At sunset it becomes particularly breathtaking and provides outstanding photo opps.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, known for koala sighting, is another popular attraction. Keeper talks and animal encounters such as bird of prey demonstrations, platypus feeding and shearing/sheep dog shows make this sanctuary an enjoyable visit. Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane are now available.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one of the best ways to encounter Australia’s unique fauna. Situated south of Brisbane city centre in parkland along the Brisbane River, it was established as one of the first and largest koala sanctuaries worldwide in 1927 and since has served as an essential conservation center rehabilitating injured or orphaned koalas while providing locals and visitors an opportunity to connect with these iconic little furry creatures that live wild but are under threat from poachers and poachers alike!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary provides visitors with many activities, from animal shows and demonstrations, to free-flight bird shows and sheep dog demonstrations. Visitors are particularly drawn to feeding rainbow lorikeets; other free-flight bird shows and sheep dog demonstrations also take place here. Free flight bird shows and sheep dog demonstrations take place as well. There is also the kangaroo reserve with hand-feeding opportunities, where visitors are permitted to interact directly with these exotic beasts in natural settings; another popular attraction is hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies from within natural settings; finally there is Estuarine Crocodile Exhibit Viewing Dome where guests can come face to face with salt water crocodile Wickham himself!

No visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary would be complete without cuddling with one of their beloved koalas – there are more than 130 in residence! Additionally, you will find kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, and emus too!

Visits to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are both fun and educational experiences, with staff on hand to answer questions and provide answers. There are also presentations which cover everything from feeding koalas to the threats facing native Australian wildlife.

Customers can purchase tickets for Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary online or at various Brisbane tourism centers, with adult tickets costing $49 AUD while children, seniors and family packages may receive discounts. Parking facilities are conveniently available within minutes from Brisbane CBD while public transit bus 430 (Fig Tree Pocket Bus) also stops here.

The Glass House Mountains

One of the state’s most striking natural features, located less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane, are the Glass House Mountains. A national park teeming with hiking trails and ancient pine forests, its rugged peaks and tranquil pine forest backdrop are the ideal setting for adventure-seekers of all levels of experience to explore this part of Queensland. There’s even a lookout circuit designed specifically to appeal to all levels of hikers as well as more challenging treks for more advanced trekkers.

Noosa Hinterland Region of Australia boasts numerous delightful (and sometimes stunning) surprises that make it one of its best hinterland regions. World Heritage landscapes and charming mountain villages will take your breath away; plus there are amazing white beaches that should not be missed, particularly Noosa itself!

Caloundra draws tourists with its natural beauty and vibrant farming industry, making the hinterland an incredible tourist destination. There are numerous exciting attractions here such as Caloundra Air Museum showcasing a truly impressive aircraft collection not found elsewhere in Australia.

Glass House Mountains offers many activities to do, and guided tours offer a wonderful way to experience nature first-hand and gain knowledge of its history and culture. Tour options range from dirt biking adventures to scenic drives – these tours provide visitors with no vehicle the chance to explore these majestic mountains in comfort.

The Glass House Mountains were formed around 25-27 million years ago by volcanic eruptions, with their sandstone cliffs eventually being worn away over time by rain and wind into their present shapes. Captain Cook gave these mountains their name due to them reminding him of glass furnaces from Yorkshire England which he’d seen.

The Glass House Mountains are an important spiritually significant location for indigenous communities and ceremonies held there are located. Additionally, this region hosts an abundant array of wildlife that includes kangaroos, lizards and snakes as well as 300+ bird species which have been recorded here – this makes the Glass House Mountains an excellent location to observe this amazing ecosystem!

Moreton Island

Moreton Island, situated just 30 minutes from Brisbane city centre, is a popular tourist and local getaway. As one of the world’s largest sand islands, Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) boasts miles of sun-bleached sandy beaches, towering dunes and pockets of lush wild bushland, not to mention sparkling lagoons with plenty of marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles – an irresistibly attractive attraction that should not be missed!

One of the highlights of Moreton Island is snorkeling around Tangalooma Wrecks – 15 purposely sunken ships which form an artificial reef of coral and marine life, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience. While tourists and locals alike frequent this destination, always check the weather forecast first before venturing out!

Champagne Pools on Moreton Island is a must-see attraction that stands out as one of the island’s must-sees, which are natural rock pools formed when waves crash against rocks on the beach. While these natural pools offer swimming and snorkelling opportunities, their true draw is its breathtaking views – crystal-clear waters allow for incredible glimpses of dugongs, dolphins, whales as they pass by Moreton Bay!

Moreton Bay islands offer wildlife enthusiasts an amazing wildlife experience, with numerous birds and native mammals to see and observe. Birdwatchers might spot rare freckled frogs or the blue-tongued lizard; those wanting a more interactive experience can feed wild bottlenose dolphins off Tangalooma Island Resort’s jetty.

Reptiles are abundant on the islands, with over 40 different species roaming freely amongst sand and forests. Keep an eye out for snout-nosed dragons, bearded dragons, major skinks and numerous snakes!

No matter your travel preference – be it day trip filled with sun, sea and sightseeing or longer stays taking advantage of resort facilities – Brisbane city center tours provide plenty of tours that depart with ferry transfers back to mainland. Many also feature activities that will amuse both adults and children alike – like bingo nights, Karaoke evenings or trivia events; you are sure to find something suitable.

Chinatown Mall

Chinatown Mall is a shopping center designed to meet the needs of the Chinese ethnic enclave in New York City. Boasting over 100 Asian-oriented shops and restaurants, as well as hosting numerous culturally themed events. Situated on East Broadway, Chinatown Mall can be reached through public transit or on foot from Manhattan.

Chinatown Mall, which boasts two-story shops lined with tassel-draped shops, tin signs adorned with images of lions, dragons, phoenixes, and other symbols, serves as the hub of activity in Chinatown and locals enjoy it for its cheap food, shopping and entertainment options. Residents also appreciate its wide variety of Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants in addition to gift stores selling souvenirs; several small grocery stores; beauty and spa salons; as well as hairdressers that all come together under one roof!

Chinatown Mall sits opposite of 88 East Broadway restaurant and party venue, the world-famous restaurant and party space created in 1988 under Manhattan Bridge and with large street-facing windows. When first established it helped revitalize this neighborhood; but since its opening its operators claim its demise from pandemic, taxes, and gentrification.

At the center of the mall lies an expansive open space containing 16 stalls offering both sweet and savory foods from Asia – such as salted glutinous rice balls and red bean double-layer steamed milk – as well as street food cart Hong Kong Yue Baby offering Asian desserts.

The mall also houses numerous hawkers offering traditional and modern goods – one stall features silk gowns embroidered with intricate designs while another sells traditional medicine and tea.

Wentworth Avenue offers visitors a selection of Asian-themed stores outside the mall. EK Housewares & Souvenirs sells imported cookware and gifts while there are travel agencies and fashion boutiques as well as John Wong Chinese Soothsayer who features photos in his window showing him with past politicians or at local events.