One talented Dreams user recreates the rescue scene from the third episode of The Mandalorian, just in time for the show’s new season.


One talented Dreams player has recreated the Baby Yoda rescue scene from The Mandalorian in playable form on the PS4, and the results are incredible. The hit Disney+ series just kicked off its blockbuster second season yesterday, and fans have been celebrating the return of masked bounty hunter Din Djarin and his adorable little green ward to their small screens in a variety of creative ways – ranging from Halloween costumes to massive Baby Yoda-shaped jack-‘o-lanterns.

As for Dreams, players can use Media Molecule’s PlayStation 4-exclusive content creation platform to make basically anything they can think up. This includes spot-on recreations of classic games like The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening to reenactments of Tommy Wiseau’s infamously bad drama film The Room. Even official game developers have joined in on the fun, with Insomniac using Dreams to create a brand-new Ratchet And Clank game. It seems the sky is truly the limit for the things players can bring to life in Dreams, and one Star Wars fan has just made a very timely addition to that list.

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Yesterday, Redditor and Dreams user creator Tommaton posted a video of their PS4 Mandalorian fan game, titled The Mandalorian: Conviction, to the r/gaming subreddit, as well as their YouTube channel. This short clip features an accurate recreation of the titular bounty hunter’s rescue of the beloved Child (aka Baby Yoda) from a dark Imperial laboratory on Tatooine, as first shown in The Mandalorian’s third episode. Everything is rendered accurately within Dreams, from the dark hallways where the Mandalorian picks off the guarding squads of Stormtroopers to the hero’s trusty, fork-shaped Disintegration Rifle. Best of all, the level is available to download and play in Dreams, as revealed at the end of the video below:

This impressive fan project was revealed right as The Mandalorian’s exciting Season Two opener launched on Disney+ this weekend, which wowed fans with a rewarding tale of Djarin joining forces with a small-town Tatooine lawman and a clan of Tusken Raiders to take down a monstrous Krayt Dragon, as well as teasing the return of an iconic Star Wars villain. To celebrate the show’s long-awaited second season, EA treated Star Wars Squadrons players with a new batch of downloadable cosmetic items for their ships’ cockpits earlier this week, including a cute Dashboard Flair of Baby Yoda himself.  

Tommaton’s playable Dreams level is a spot-on recreation of one of The Mandalorian’s key moments, as well as a testament to the impressive level of creativity that PlayStation’s hit content-building exclusive allows. It’s also the closest thing fans might get to playing as the titular bounty hunter in a fully-fledged video game, as well as a fun way of building up excitement for new episodes of The Mandalorian as they arrive on Disney+ every Friday.     

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Dreams is available on PS4.

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