There is a wide array of different custom game modes for players to check out in Fortnite. This guide shows players the best creative codes available.

Even after all of this time, Fortnite still remains one of the biggest multiplayer games in the world. Players are able to play in matches with friends or strangers around the world. While the game became famous due to its battle-royale component, there are also a host of other impressive game modes that players are able to engage with. Those who really want to though could also play around with some single-player content as well.

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One of the best ways to play around with single-player content or with a few friends is by using one of Fortnite’s codes to access a custom map. Some of these maps are custom creations from Epic Games itself whereas others come from other players throughout the world. Custom maps are perfect for those who have grown a little tired of the non-stop competition of Fortnite, or maybe want a little more uniqueness out of the game. This guide shows players the best creative codes available.

Fortnite – Best Creative Codes Available

Fortnite Key Art

For those who have never played around with the creative codes in Fortnite, it is actually a very simple process. All the player has to do is from the game menu enter Fortnite Creative, which takes the player to an island. There will be a series of rifts in front of the player that can be interacted with to bring up a menu that codes can be entered into. Once a creative code is entered here the player can then play around with any of the maps that they wish. Here are some of the best creative codes available now:

Cybernite 2: 5959-5776-7711 – For those players who felt a little disappointed by Cyberpunk 2077’s less than perfect launch, this map may be the best thing for them. The entire map is packed full of neon lights and cyberpunk flair. There are also a bunch of puzzles to solve as well as enemies to dispatch.

Tales of Winterthorn: 9882-8545-2022 – With this code players will be able to travel to the island of Winterthorn. This holiday and winter-themed island is a joy to explore, and there are more than 15 different quests for players to check out and complete. Complete everything on the island and get things prepared for the winter festival.

The Abyss: 2820-0465-2363 – A very popular format for custom maps in Fortnite are Gun Games. This game mode has players acquiring a new gun every time that they score a kill against their enemies, and the first player to make it through all of the guns wins. This map though switches things up by making the game take place in a genuinely creepy and unsettling environment.

Piece Control Kyle’s Box Fights: 2624-4472-6822 – One of the most important aspects of Fortnite is being able to fight and win against an opponent in close quarters 1v1 combat. Many firefights in the standard version of the game will probably come down to fights like this. This box fight map is a great way for players to get better at these kinds of matchups by forcing them to fight in a scenario like that.

Infinite Flappy Bird: 8991-7322-6083 – Without a doubt, one of the best aspects of the Fortnite community is that many of its creators are able create completely new games using the tools that its map creator provides. One of these very impressive maps is a complete recreation of the iPhone game Flappy Bird, but this time the player has to control a vehicle as they attempt to avoid the walls around them.

Snowball Oneshot: 9252-5527-1967 – Oneshots are always fast-paced and action-packed game modes that are the most fun for players who want to work on their aiming abilities on fast-moving targets. Basically, players are given one-shot kill sniper rifles and must use them to take out their friends. The Snowball Oneshot ups the ante a little more by putting players on a slippery frozen lake and give them access to throwable snowballs that deal splash damage. Everyone involved will need to be able to move fast and shoot even faster if they want to survive.

It’s Another Mini BR!: 1730-6698-2927 – At the end of the day the thing that Fortnite always manages to do best is battle-royale. The building and shooting aspects of the game work perfectly for this purpose, but sometimes players don’t always want to play against a huge amount of other players. This code allows players to get that BR feeling but on a smaller map with few players. This map even has different biomes for them to explore and the amount of loot is perfect for its size.

Phasmophobia: 1621-6784-4798 – Once again Fortnite creators have managed to fit a completely different game within it, but this one really shouldn’t work as well as it does. Fortnite is known for being goofy and colorful, whereas Phasmophobia is dark and infinitely creepy. Somehow its creator made it work despite all of this and players are able to explore the map and determine which of the creepy spirits is responsible for their problems.

The Parable of Jonesy: 3417-6117-5923 – If players look hard enough they will probably find a recreation of practically all of their favorite video games within Fortnite, and this entry is no different. The Stanley Parable is possibly one of the strangest and most unique video games ever created, so it is highly impressive that someone was able to adapt the experience into another video game. While this isn’t the exact game that fans are used to, it does capture the general idea and feeling that The Stanley Parable has and there are even eight different endings to discover.

Freaky Flights V2: 4839-4130-3813 – Airplanes weren’t exactly balanced well in the main battle-royale parts of Fortnite, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t think they were a ridiculous amount of fun. This custom map is geared exactly towards those players who miss the pure adrenaline thrill of the planes. Two separate teams will face off against each other with each group having access to their own personal battleship stocked full of planes and powerful legendary weapons. It is a perfect and chaotic recipe that is perfect for games between a group of friends.

Rocketnite Downtown Shuffle: 5874-7417-0559 – This is actually the sequel to this creators first Rocket League-inspired Fortnite game mode, but the visuals alone make it the superior one. Up to six players (teams of three) are able to hop on some ATVs and engage in a soccer-like game against each other. The flashy neon cyberpunk-esque environment of this map just fits perfectly with the aesthetic and it’s impressive with the amount of work that went into it.

Fortnite Kart: 7340-1511-8471 – With the inclusion of vehicles several seasons ago in Fortnite, there opened up the possibility for all kinds of car-based game modes for players to engage in. Racing is always a really good go-to for the custom map community, and what better inspiration than one of the best racing games of all time: Mario Kart. This map completely recreates the original Royal Raceway track from Mario Kart 64, and even has a few secrets tucked away for players to uncover.

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Fortnite can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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