What about Work & Vacation?

Among the many things I had to memorize early on at the United States Naval Academy were the first ten stanzas of “The Laws of the Navy.”

These so-called laws are really just proverbs written into a poem years ago by Captain Hopwood of the Royal Navy. There is wisdom to be gained from his thoughts, particularly concerning rest and recreation.

The fifth stanza is one of the most important

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Dave Bartholomew | Focus your work day with lists | Business World

What do you do first thing every work day?

When I have asked this question of business people, I usually get answers along the lines of checking emails or answering phone messages. This reactionary way of time organization is not recommended. You are literally allowing other people — the ones that made the call or sent the email — to set your priorities.

One of the most productive life strategies

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Vigo Parks Board OKs funds for water line work, approves changes to camping policies

Mar. 23—The Vigo County Parks and Recreation Board on Monday approved up to $152,237 for installation of new water lines in Fowler and Prairie Creek parks.

However, Adam Grossman, superintendent of the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department, told the parks board the department may not spend that much. Instead, he said because of cost overruns for new water lines at Hawthorn Park, it may have to make cuts in

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Cancel work: The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that work is not a virtue

Several years ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released an overview of the Green New Deal that mentioned guaranteeing “economic security” for people who are “unable or unwilling to work.” When conservative critics noticed those last three words, they pounced. Fox News waxed poetic about the “dignity of work” and Breitbart sneered at the “self-described Democratic Socialist” whose “radical proposal” ignored that even “traditional American liberalism regarded full employment as its goal because

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Biden’s climate plan can work if it’s sea to shining sea

Last week President Biden made a firm commitment to transition America from polluting fossil energy to clean renewable power. We and other coastal residents are heartened by his “whole government” approach to tackling the climate crisis, especially his focus on the positive employment impacts of making smart climate investments.

However, we get concerned when the president identifies a million jobs linked to building electric cars in the industrial heartland, yet

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10 ways, places to work out for free in Lancaster County | Food + Living

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, going back to the gym might not be an option for everyone.

While most gyms require masks, social distancing and may be provide disinfecting supplies, some still feel most safe getting a workout at home.

For those who feel comfortable, several gyms in the Lancaster area offer free trials for new members who want to start a new workout routine.

But for those intent on

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Valley News – Jim Kenyon: Thetford’s public works director needs to be directed out of public work

I don’t like to see anyone lose their job. (At least anyone not named Donald Trump.) That said, Thetford’s public works director, Nathan Maxwell, needs to go.

But the Thetford Selectboard lacks the backbone to fire Maxwell, who posted a couple of jaw-dropping short videos on social media last year that reeked of racism and misogyny. In a 13-second clip about why he doesn’t wear a mask during the coronavirus

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Richmond County schools work to improve learning transitions for students

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – The Richmond County School System says about 60 percent of students chose in-person learning this semester, up from 40 percent last semester.

But because of COVID-19 numbers in the county, the district is having everyone start the semester virtually.

“Richmond County has really done a good job for the most part. All they can do to help keep the kids safe,” parent Charmetra Johnson said.


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Dayton City Hall closes; more employees to work remotely

Security guard at City Hall, Lilith York checks the temperature of Lisa Antrican as she enters the building on Ludlow St. to pay her water bill Thursday October 1, 2020.

Security guard at City Hall, Lilith York checks the temperature of Lisa Antrican as she enters the building on Ludlow St. to pay her water bill Thursday October 1, 2020.

Credit: jim noelker

Credit: jim noelker

City departments were instructed to grant permission for remote work to employees who can perform their job remotely, city officials said, and the city will continue sanitation and social distancing measures at all work

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The Envelope Budget: How to Make It Work for You

My last blog post, Don’t Be a Budget Hater, discussed the surprising truth that not all budgets are bad.  They often have a negative connotation, but hopefully after reading the article, you see the benefits of budgeting.  Now we will dive into different types of budgets. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

People often assume that there is one budget that will work for everyone.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

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How to Make It Work for You


Analysts Say These 3 Stocks Are Their Top Picks for 2021

The year is winding down, and it’s time for Wall Street’s analysts to start flagging their top picks for the coming year. It’s a time-honored tradition, in most walks of life, to take a sometimes tongue-in-cheek look at what lies ahead, and to start giving advice on the say-so of a metaphorical crystal ball.Analysts have been analyzing each

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In Shows Like ‘Social Distance,’ TV Learns to Work From Home

When the pandemic hit, the main problem for television productions was how you could possibly make shows in these times. The next and related problem was how you could possibly make shows about these times.

Producers first tackled these related problems, technical and narrative, in special episodes like the “Parks and Recreation” and “30 Rock” reunions, as well as in one-off episodes of ongoing series, including the CBS legal drama

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As the World Shut Down, Travel Agents Went to Work

“Your call is important to us. All our representatives are currently assisting other customers. Your estimated wait time is two to three hours.”

That was a message a lot of travelers heard in March as they called into online booking sites attempting to rebook their travel plans or get a refund. When they finally were able to speak to a live person, in many cases, they weren’t offered much help.

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Five Realistic Things to Do Right Now to Make Your Money Work for You

Welcome to #Adulting, the ultimate breakdown of all your grown-up needs. These articles are here to help you feel less alone and answer all your personal, financial, and career questions that weren’t answered in school (no judgement, we get it!). Whether you’re looking to find out how to tackle laundry or you want a deep breakdown on how to make a savings plan—we’ve got you covered. Come back every month

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Coronavirus has made it unsafe to take the California bar. So put new lawyers to work without it

California law students, in healthier times, take a practice exam for the state bar UC Berkeley. <span class="copyright">(Sam Deaner / Associated Press)</span>
California law students, in healthier times, take a practice exam for the state bar UC Berkeley. (Sam Deaner / Associated Press)

The state Supreme Court, the State Bar of California and about 9,000 recent law school graduates find themselves in a jam. It is almost the traditional time for the July bar exam, the annual hazing ritual that determines whether students have wasted three years of their lives or, instead,

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These on-sale Lululemon pants are the ultimate work from home must-have

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Lululemon Wanderer Crop in Black
Lululemon Wanderer Crop in Black

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Be honest: when is the last time you put on pants

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