Your Guide to a Kancamagus Highway Road Trip

Banner of quick information about the trip: 34.5 miles, day trip, NH-112 between Conway and LIncoln, 83 miles west of Portland Maine

Banner of quick information about the trip: 34.5 miles, day trip, NH-112 between Conway and LIncoln, 83 miles west of Portland Maine

Thanks to its beauty and variety of local attractions, the 34.5-mile-long Kancamagus Highway is designated as an American Scenic Byway. The drive, which is part of Route 112, cuts through New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest. The Kancamagus Pass is the highway’s highest point and, to situate you,

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It’s not a trip to Antarctica. Make the leap to winter camping.

MINNEAPOLIS — Camping, like so many activities outdoors during the stress of the pandemic, has new followers. Don’t let a Midwestern winter cool the enthusiasm.

Outdoor guides and experts acknowledge the obvious: The idea of winter camping is intimidating at first blush. Icy landscapes and low-lit days don’t inspire warm thoughts for getting out. But there are ways to adapt gear and skills for any season. To make winter (or

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Take A Field Trip To Monterey County, Calif. This Fall | State

MONTEREY, Calif., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This fall, Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau (Monterey County CVB) is inviting travelers to give themselves a “permission slip” to break away from the ordinary and indulge in a customized field trip in the stunning California central coast destination. Known for its extraordinary experiences – from exploring the Monterey Bay’s tide pools and hiking lush terrain to immersing in the area’s

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New bus trip will take you from Delhi to London

(CNN) — Would you travel halfway across the world by bus?

Expedition company Adventures Overland is hoping you’ll say yes to its new organized bus trip, which will ferry travelers from the Indian metropolis of Delhi to the UK capital of London — no airplanes involved.
Described as the “first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service” between the two destinations, Bus to London will ferry 20 passengers on a modified luxury bus, inspired
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The Father-Son Duo Behind ‘Rogue Trip’ Talk Travel In A Changing World

Conversations around travel are shifting rapidly. As social justice movements push our society to evolve, the colonial and exploitive aspects of the travel experience are being highlighted and called out. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has underscored both the interconnectivity of humans and the fragility of many of our systems. Plus it’s grounded us for the foreseeable future — make wanderlust-inspiring TV, when done well, all the more vital.

This is the context

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ABC’s Bob Woodruff & son travel world in ‘Rogue Trip’

Each of the six episodes in National Geographic’s “Rogue Trip” begins with dramatic archival footage of ABC news correspondent Bob Woodruff surviving a roadside bomb in 2006 Iraq, having his skull opened and now, years later and recovered, on the road with his son Mack.

“The idea was I wanted to show my son these places he’d seen on television and give him a more positive view of the world,”

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Dreaming about your next trip? You’re not alone, but this time it’s different

If you’ve already canceled your summer vacation, you’re probably dreaming about your next one. It’s OK. So are a lot of people.

Rob Hall is one of them. He skipped his family cruise to Italy this summer but is optimistic that the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak will be over by fall. He’s planning to fly to Maui for a few days in October – at least that’s his dream. 

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RVing for the first time? 8 tips for newbies I wish I’d known during my first trip

A month ago, if I had heard the words “black water” in conversation, I’d have assumed the speaker was discussing an obscure movie, perhaps an Australian film (there are two by that name) or a Jean-Claude Van Damme flick that I haven’t seen.

But two weeks of driving across the country the words “black water” immediately conjure images of RVs, wastewater tanks and, well, poo spilling out onto my feet

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What you need to know before your first post-quarantine camping trip

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(Nazario Graziano / For The Times)

Jo Manganello is keeping a close eye on the number of reservations at a campground in the San Bernardino Mountains she hopes to visit with her husband and young son. “Right

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Run-DMC Legend Inspires NYC Teens On Virtual Field Trip For 1,000

NEW YORK CITY, NY — Young people from more than 150 schools who have been isolated during the coronavirus pandemic — forced to embrace distance learning and see dreams for proms, senior days and other long-time traditions derailed —were able to come together last week during a virtual field trip for more than 1,000 New York City students.

The presentation, “Let’s Talk About It,” was hosted by the United Federation

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