Global tourism industry – statistics & facts

The growth of global travel

Traveling both internationally and domestically has become increasingly common all over the world. As a result, both leisure travel spending and business travel spending saw year-over-year growth in the five years prior to COVID-19. This increase in travel before the health crisis also allowed the number of hotel guests and in turn the hotel industry’s market size to grow. Key performance indicators such as RevPAR

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50+ Linkedin Statistics For 2021

With 400 million users and counting, LinkedIn has emerged as probably the most helpful social community for B2B marketers. The Manifest put together an excellent record of 6 types of content you need to share on LinkedIn, from fast tips to 2,000-word blog posts. In an enormous survey of 50 brands across the world, one research group discovered that LinkedIn is a major participant in terms of user engagement on … Read More