The Pandemic Prompts Cities to Rethink the Parking Spot

Officials in Charleston, South Carolina, have been thinking about what to do about parking for close to a decade, says Ross Appel, a city council member and land-use attorney. In January, the council voted to use its emergency powers to do away with parking-minimum policies on its historic King Street for 60 days. The policy is meant to help businesses lease vacant storefronts during an economic downtown.

“Minimum parking requirements

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Where To Spot In The Tall Grass’ Christine Easter Egg

In The Tall Grass is a 2019 Netflix adaptation of the Stephen King/Joe Hill story, but here’s where to spot the movie’s easter egg nod to Christine.

Here’s where to spot Christine’s cameo in 2019’s In The Tall Grass. Recent years have proven to be something of a golden period for Stephen King fans, as there’s been renewed interest in adaptations of his novels. On the big screen, there’s

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Planning to go camping this spring or summer? Think about booking your spot now

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc over the past year, infecting 106.8 million people and killing 2.3 million worldwide – with 27.1 million of those cases and 466,000 of the deaths coming from the United States. By any measure things have been disrupted.

How COVID-19 will ultimately affect 2021 is unknown. But a few things are evident. Corona fatigue is real. People are ready to get out and on the move. And

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Idaho ski areas take COVID-19 hot spot precautions

Blaine County was Idaho’s first coronavirus hot spot when the pandemic first arrived here in March. Though it’s impossible to know who brought the virus to the mountain towns or where its initial community spread began, some signs pointed to Sun Valley, the popular ski area, and the out-of-town visitors and events it drew.

One visiting group of skiers reported that dozens of members became ill — several of them

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