Older Californians search for COVID-19 vaccine

Carol Wingate has some stern advice for officials from the federal government on down: Get your coronavirus vaccine act together, and do it fast.

The 77-year-old really wants to be inoculated.

“It’ll save my life,” she said Monday morning after strolling to a mailbox in the El Segundo sunshine.

But when asked how she planned to accomplish that feat, she shrugged. “I have no idea,” she said.

She’s tried to

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A cool piece of art: Minnesotans flock to Mpls. park in search of frozen cave man sculpture

By Sharon Yoo | KARE 11

Spend enough time out in nature and you just might stumble onto something incredulous — like a cave man frozen in time, standing by a trail at Theodore Wirth Regional Park in Minneapolis.

“Every person we’ve talked to, they said they came to the park to specifically find this piece,” artist Zach Schumack told KARE 11. 

“It’s Wirth park, which is our neighborhood park,

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Vacation Rentals: Search Short-Term Rentals

Are you bored with the ordinary and craving a vacation that fits your family perfectly? That vacation rental getaway you’ve been eyeing will allow you to see the world through a new lens, explore attractions and relish the unfamiliar. Pack your bags and go for it!

When you reserve one of our money-saving vacation rentals, you can travel in style with easy access to adventures around every corner. Revel in

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Search continues for ‘Glee’ star’s body; education lawsuits pile up

Actress Naya Rivera is presumed dead after going missing during a boat trip in Ventura County. The state and the University of California file separate lawsuits against the Trump administration. And a tired California mother envisioned a faster, healthier way to feed her daughter. Think Keurig, for babies. 

It’s Arlene with all the news to know this Thursday.

But first, Downtown Disney reopened Thursday morning to throngs of visitors

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Google Is Providing Search Data to Air France, Lufthansa, Other Airlines Looking to Decide Which Routes to Restart

Google is rolling out a new tool that provides airline partners with search data that carriers are using to help decide which routes to restart and when.

Unlike existing data from Google for airlines about their own performance across Google products, the newly provided data provides a market-wide view of consumer intent based on flight searches regardless of airline.

Lufthansa and Air France were two partners willing to go on

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tourism – AOL Video Search Results


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vacation – AOL Video Search Results


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