Pandemic Home Transforming Is Booming

Not every home improvement project is value your time and money, especially when you’re going by way of the stress of discovering a real estate agent, boxing up your things, and transferring. Design Sponge, probably the greatest home improvement blogs, is a day by day blog run by Grace Bonney. Launched in August of 2004, the location updates 3 to four times per day.

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How House & Home Thrived Despite The Pandemic Ad Drought » Media In Canada

So remember to make funds on time and know what rate of interest you’ll be paying when you can’t keep up. However, private loans is usually a helpful brief-term solution to transforming whenever you don’t have much fairness however the improvements you are planning will increase the value of your home considerably. Though charges for private loans are higher than these of home fairness loans, you don’t risk losing your … Read More


Home Renovation For The Pandemic

The colors you choose to paint your home in and out can make a difference in its resale value. It increases or decreases visible attraction to consumers and so can end result in the next or lower offer.

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Business Pandemic Recovery Initiative

A business line of credit might be simpler to get accredited for nevertheless it works a little in a special way than a mortgage. With a loan, you’re getting a lump sum of money that you ought to use to fund your business. You then repay the loan in accordance with the compensation schedule set by the lender. Working with angel buyers to finance a business has some key benefits, … Read More

Health And Fitness Winners Of The Pandemic

Ty Bruner and Chris Gradoville clarify how the Spokane, WA, Fire Department has put together an enticing fitness and nutrition program for its personnel. Receive our free e-Newsletter for health tips, challenges, special occasion updates and extra methods to stay wholesome. Children’s providers stay Health suspended with the exception of private youngsters’s small group swim classes/personal coaching. According to a January survey, fewer than 50% of small gyms and fitness … Read More

Clark County faith leaders take lessons from pandemic, see hope emerging

New pastor finding her way

Pastor Darcy Metcalfe just arrived in Springfield in January for her new assignment at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Covenant and Northminster Presbyterian Church returned to live services for Palm Sunday, March 28, a welcome time for Metcalfe and the Covenant congregation to be formally introduced.

ExploreBond set for woman accused of April Fools’ call reporting shooter at Navistar

“I was previously preaching to people I

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Employment rises, workers retrain as pandemic wanes

Apr. 2—Annie Mendez shifted from restauranteur to store owner during the pandemic.

Fifteen days before Christmas, Mendez dropped plans to revive her restaurant and instead opened House of Envy to sell women’s clothes in the Laurel Mall near Hazleton.

“During COVID people aren’t coming out. Money is tight. We are working against all the odds,” said Mendez, who nevertheless believes her new store can grow as the pandemic wanes.


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Police say pandemic providing ‘perfect breeding ground for scams’

Mar. 31—Groton resident Julia Pacheco received a scam call in December from someone purporting to be a law enforcement official in Texas asking her to make arrangements to pay several thousand dollars to have a federal warrant vacated that he alleged had been issued for her.

“I knew I had not committed any crimes but I was afraid someone (had) stolen my identity and that was a scary thought,” Pacheco

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San Diego Library borrowing plunged 90 percent during pandemic, but bounced back some

Borrowing at San Diego’s city libraries is down more than 50 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic as residents transitioned to a world dominated by curbside checkouts, electronic books and branches where browsing is not allowed.

Circulation plummeted even farther, about 90 percent, last April and May, but it bounced back to roughly half pre-pandemic levels when curbside checkouts began last summer and a dozen library branches partially reopened last fall.

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The Pain of Paying Dues in a Pandemic: Hollywood Hopefuls on the Rough Start to Their Careers

For those hoping to make it in the industry, the past year has been particularly brutal and recovery feels slow to come.

Diana Romero had reached what she thought was a pivotal moment in her entertainment career in the early months of 2020. Romero, who started in physical production but pivoted to screenwriting a few years ago after she lost her mobility due to an illness in 2018, had written

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Michiganders took pandemic refuge outdoors. Will that continue?

Social distancing is easier outside.

That simple maxim drove Americans outdoors in a huge way last year. Local, state and national parks usage shot up substantially in 2020 as people searched out leisure and fitness activities that weren’t precluded by COVID-19 rules limiting indoor entertainment and exercise options where the coronavirus is more easily spread.

The influx certainly created hurdles for some parks, which struggled to accommodate increased demand while

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Cancel work: The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that work is not a virtue

Several years ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released an overview of the Green New Deal that mentioned guaranteeing “economic security” for people who are “unable or unwilling to work.” When conservative critics noticed those last three words, they pounced. Fox News waxed poetic about the “dignity of work” and Breitbart sneered at the “self-described Democratic Socialist” whose “radical proposal” ignored that even “traditional American liberalism regarded full employment as its goal because

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Austin releases new plans about safely holding indoor, outdoor events again during COVID-19 pandemic

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is sharing new guidance that will serve as a “starting point” for its own departments and other businesses to begin safely holding events again during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Austin Center for Events launched a new website Friday, which provides a comprehensive list of information about COVID-19 health and safety recommendations for indoor venues as well as new outdoor special event permit

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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism

Impact of coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the tourism industry due to the resulting travel restrictions as well as slump in demand among travelers. The tourism industry has been massively affected by the spread of coronavirus, as many countries have introduced travel restrictions in an attempt to contain its spread.[1] The United Nations World Tourism Organization estimated that global international tourist arrivals might decrease by 58% to 78%

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As more towns join esports leagues, kids can compete and make friends despite the pandemic

Many kids play video games “no matter what,” said Mark Ghiloni, director of the Dover Recreation Department. “So we looked at it as … let’s see how we can be a value.”

Esports refers to the competitive playing of online games from the omnipresent battle royale Fortnite to the perennially popular Super Smash Brothers fighter, and even games based on physical sports such as FIFA or Madden NFL.

Ghiloni’s department

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SXSW Got Canceled By The Pandemic. So It Built Austin In VR For 2021!

I was in a freefall high above Congress Avenue, or some acid-dream version of it, in Austin, (definitely not) Texas, with the “street” below me rapidly coming into view. I’d made the decision just moments before to relinquish control of the handheld drone that had been helicoptering me about the city’s mesmerizing limits. I had to let go. It was the only way to take a screenshot and I figured

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SXSW got canceled by the pandemic. So it built Austin in VR for 2021.

SXSW got canceled by the pandemic. So it built Austin in VR for 2021.

SXSW got canceled by the pandemic. So it built Austin in VR for 2021.

I was in a freefall high above Congress Avenue, or some acid-dream version of it, in Austin, (definitely not) Texas, with the “street” below me rapidly coming into view. I’d made the decision just moments before to relinquish control of the handheld drone that had been helicoptering me about the city’s mesmerizing limits. I had to

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Terrebonne Government Tower to reopen first floor Monday for first time since COVID-19 pandemic started

Keith Magill
| The Courier

The first floor of Terrebonne’s Government Tower will open Monday for the first time since closing nearly a year ago due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to level out, I want to make sure that my staff does everything possible to make all business transactions with the citizens of our great parish as easy and convenient as possible,”

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The Pandemic Prompts Cities to Rethink the Parking Spot

Officials in Charleston, South Carolina, have been thinking about what to do about parking for close to a decade, says Ross Appel, a city council member and land-use attorney. In January, the council voted to use its emergency powers to do away with parking-minimum policies on its historic King Street for 60 days. The policy is meant to help businesses lease vacant storefronts during an economic downtown.

“Minimum parking requirements

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