Austin City Manager Issues End-Of-Year Review

AUSTIN, TX — The city manager on Wednesday published an end of year review summarizing the city’s work throughout 2020 while paying tribute to the community and municipal workers for their “unwavering resilience” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The review highlights how the city has made progress on its core strategic priorities while battling a global pandemic, supporting Austin’s most vulnerable communities, and mobilizing more than half the city’s workforce to

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Shenandoah National Park issues travel tips for October : Augusta Free Press

October is a popular time to visit Shenandoah National Park, typically garnering nearly a quarter of the Park’s annual visitation of 1.4 million.

The Park is experiencing

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Westport Again Issues Warning About Possible Beach Closures

WESTPORT, CT — As with last weekend, Westport officials said on Friday that the town’s beaches might be closed at certain times this weekend if there is overcrowding and social distancing cannot be maintained.

The potential closures are the result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and residents who want to spend the day at Compo or Burying Hill beaches this weekend “are advised to arrive before 10 a.m.,” officials said.

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Westport Issues Warning Of Possible Beach Closures This Weekend

WESTPORT, CT — Extreme heat, and possible overcrowded conditions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, may require the closure of Westport’s beaches this weekend, town officials warned.

“In an abundance of caution and to insure public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the beach reaches a capacity where it is deemed impossible to maintain social distancing, it will be closed to additional beachgoers,” officials said in a statement.


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WHO issues ‘worst is yet to come’ warning; European Union to extend American travel ban

As coronavirus cases climbed in the U.S. and across the globe, the World Health Organization director general warned “the worst is yet to come” and European Union leaders were ready to extend the ban on American travelers for at least two more weeks.

Adjustments were being made to help slow spreading of the disease. Jacksonville, Florida, which is scheduled to host the GOP convention, is mandating masks, though it’s not

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