Free flu shot clinic for kids set at Expo Center in 2020

Published 11:17 a.m. CT Oct. 13, 2020


Infectious disease experts are urging the public, now more than ever, to get vaccinated against the flu. The added urgency stems in part from the symptoms it shares with COVID-19 and concerns about confusing them. (Sept. 14)

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Health Department to offer drive-through flu shot clinic for kids in late October

Manitowoc County Health Department has scheduled a

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Could Coronavirus Save the World from a Rough Flu Season?

For the past couple of months, health officials and doctors have been warning about the quickly approaching flu season, saying that a devastating one-two punch of the seasonal virus plus the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to overwhelm the U.S. health-care system.

However, ongoing global efforts to curb the further spread of the coronavirus—which include face-mask mandates, social-distancing measures and stay-at-home directives—could mean that the flu season won’t be a

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Travel flourished after the Spanish flu pandemic, and it will again after this

"Train travel hasn't lost its glamour" - getty
“Train travel hasn’t lost its glamour” – getty

The founder of the award-winning rail website tells of the journeys that inspired him, his proposal on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the way Covid-19 will impact on travel – and how the 2020s may yet be another golden age for the train.

How did you begin travelling

My first solo overseas trip was to the Isle of Wight aged 13. I’d saved

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