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Your wearable, whether it’s an Apple Watch, Fitbit or another fitness tracker, might offer an early detection system for COVID-19, based on your heart rate variability (HRV). In a Mount Sinai study, researchers followed a group of 297 healthcare workers for roughly half a year and noted heartbeat changes that may indicate someone has the coronavirus, a full week before they feel sick. This would be particularly useful for asymptomatic

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It is the 21st, which means we’re about to see the OnePlus Nord launch event. It’s scheduled for 10 AM ET, marking the company’s return to midrange phones and probably the arrival of some wireless earbuds. 

OnePlus Nord invite


Is it a little weird that this unveiling will come through an augmented reality app? Maybe, but by next year, this could just be how things are done, since we’re through with in-person

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