Black Ladies And Infants Are Dying In Larger Numbers

The analysis group consisted of two nurse researchers, a palliative care physician, and a graduate analysis assistant. All knowledge coded as “parenting,” “parenting throughout being pregnant,” or “parenting after birth” had been queried and compiled in one doc. Within this doc main themes have been identified and discussed among the research team. Memos had been written during coding classes each Baby & Parenting time patterns within the knowledge were identified. … Read More

OPINION: Dying for powder | Opinion

Sometimes you hear a crack or a roar. More often the first sign is snow shifting around your feet. The snow starts in a slab and then breaks into blocks that knock you off your skis, careening down in a slide moving as fast as 60-80 mph. If you’re lucky, you live through it, plastered with snow; if not, you’re entombed, hurtled over a cliff, killed.

There have been 36

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Florida teen traveled with camping school before dying at SC waterfall


Fourteen-year-old Isaiah Oertel was 700 miles from home when, according to the Pickens County Coroner’s Office, he fell to his death at Laurel Forks Falls in northern Pickens County last week.

He’d traveled with Gator Wilderness Camp School from Punta Gorda, Florida, to explore the Foothills Trail, according to Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Chad Brooks.

Brooks said Oertel and a group from the school were at Laurel

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