52 Unforgettable Weeks For Students & Schools Captured in 52 Iconic Photos

One after another, like a relentless set of dominoes falling, states closed their schools as the pandemic swept across the nation last March. For America’s students and their families, so much has changed and been lost, but somehow also found in the last 52 weeks. Students learned to live without in-person classes, sports, proms, friends and teachers — and to live with remote classes on laptops, in quarantine.


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Why was Paul Rusesabagina of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame living in San Antonio when he was captured?

The movie Hotel Rwanda has a happy ending, with the protagonist, Paul Rusesabagina, adopting two of his sister-in-law’s daughters, symbolically and literally helping the nation’s next generation rise from the ashes.

It may require pressure from U.S. and Texas officials to make sure the real-life story doesn’t have a tragic ending.

The man known to the world as one of Rwanda’s saviors is now in need of salvation. Rusesabagina was

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