Project will be a win for Ward F, city

As Jersey City continues to rise, it’s important we leave no community behind. For years, the south side of Jersey City has struggled with poverty, crime, lack of affordable housing, failing schools, and the list goes on.

Recently, a developer has expressed interest in ensuring Ward F (Bergen/Lafayette) has more investments and giving back to the community.

This month, the Jersey City Planning Board is expected to vote on a new residential project on Communipaw Avenue where residents will have a STEM recreation center; 5% affordable housing; affordable commercial space with a focus on minority business owners; public parking spaces; and an outdoor plaza with a scenic walking path into Berry Lane Park.

It’s important to welcome new residents to Jersey City and not forget about lifelong residents. By approving this project, it creates diversity and inclusion and is a big win not only for Ward F but for the entire city.

In addition, this project is backed by prominent African American elected leadership in Jersey City: Ward F Councilman Jermaine Robinson, Council President Joyce Watterman, and Freeholder Jerry Walker.

Without a doubt, this is a huge win, especially for our young people.

I strongly urge the Jersey City Planning Board to support this project as Jersey City continues to be one of the best mid-sized cities in the nation.

Demetrius M. Terry, Jersey City

Educate young voters

This election is probably one of the most important elections that we’ve had in recent years.

While young voters are the most diverse and one of the largest pool of eligible voters, they are voting less than other age groups. To make sure that this fact changes, this election, we must educate young people on the importance and power of their vote so they get out to vote.

That is why I am working with NJPIRG, which is a student-led organization devoted to tackling issues ranging from climate change to getting out the vote, this year to educate and push my peers to vote to make their voices heard.

We’ve hosted Zoom conferences to educate our peers, called people to help them register through, and that’s only just the beginning. I believe that by publicizing our efforts in more major publications, more young people will get interested and pass on that passion to some of their friends and family.

Laura Muyingo, East Brunswick

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