Paying debts and loans for your college can suck all the money from your pockets. So, obviously finding the time and money to travel gets a little hard. However, a student found a way to save money and travels while being in college. 

Student travels by staying at home

19-year-old student Emily Brodrick stays at home so she does not have to pay expensive rent for student accommodation. Thanks to her decision, she has travelled halfway round the globe and has a further two trips planned.

Unlike others who are doing various part-time jobs, Emily does not have to do that either. 

emily travel

She told “I went travelling to Mexico, Greece and Italy, and I’m now going to Spain next month and Asia next year. It has been made possible with the student loan money, which has been a help, and I also worked before university.” 

“I don’t work at the minute as my course is very time-consuming, I think it is one of the most time-consuming courses.'”

Emily also mentioned that she decided to stay home only because it is just 30 minutes away from her college. She goes on the trips with her other friends who are staying home like her. Often they’ll stay in an Airbnb or hotels with sight-seeing in mind.

Emily uses her student loan to travel

She uses her student loan for these trips. She said: “I don’t regret using my loan for these trips, especially with the pandemic when we couldn’t go anywhere. I now have free time so I might as well go and make the most of it.” Holloway University
Royal Holloway

She intends on paying off the entire loan. Moreover, she intends on making memories. 

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