A dedicated Silent Hills fan has faithfully recreated the unforgettable P.T. demo in the original DOOM engine for those who enjoy having nightmares.

A dedicated fan creator has taken on the difficult task of modding the entire P.T. demo from the cancelled Silent Hills game into a special DOOM engine. Somehow, this combination has created a Silent Hill even scarier than what Hideo Kojima set out to make.

Initially released on the PlayStation Store in 2015, Hideo Kojima and Konami released a new playable trailer for an in development Silent Hill franchise game. The demo was called P.T. (short for Playable Teaser), and had players exploring a haunted family home over and over again, becoming more terrifying the further they went. The family that lived in the home had clearly met with some kind of cruel fate, and as the player continued through the house, they too would meet the origin of the horrors throughout the house. Unfortunately, the full Silent Hills game was cancelled and the demo eventually taken down, despite having become immensely popular worldwide. Since then, fans of the game that never was have been trying to recreate P.T. in many new ways.

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While Doom and P.T. don’t tend to overlap in any way other than technically both falling under the FPS horror genre, one fan decided to utilize the GZDoom engine tool (which is freely available online) to recreate the Silent Hills demo regardless of the loose connection – and to great effect. Andrea Gori, the modder responsible for this terrifying crossover, created the GZ P.T. mod as a Halloween tribute to Kojima’s lost project.

The trailer above was released by Gori to announce the completion of the project. While the modder admits that the recreation is not a perfect 1:1 ratio remake, every sequence has been recreated as close as possible to the original that the GZDoom engine would allow. For instance, the sequence during the demo where a microphone is required to continue, has been switched out with a different mechanic supported by the retro DOOM engine. Hopefully this version of the demo won’t haunt players after closing the game, like the original was planned to.

When Kojima and Konami parted ways, fans were distraught knowing that P.T. would never be fully released. The closest fans can now get is these modded editions made by other despondent fans, or try to get their hands on the original demo once more. Gori’s edition of the P.T. demo is currently playable over on their itch.io page.

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Source: Andrea Gori, itch.io

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