In a historical time where the very-traveled millennial has to quarantine and is anxiously waiting to get back on a plane, Discoverlist, the travel app for millennials, hosts the first edition of its virtual travel event on Saturday 15th August 2020. The ninety minute long virtual event began at 2:00pm EST and opened attendees to the idea of virtual traveling. Discoverlist’s travel community from around the world came together to hear from Discoverlisters LIVE in Romania, Ghana, Nigeria, Somaliland, Mexico and others. Discoverlist helped fill the need to travel to millennials through this event.

“The objective of Discoverlist is to provide information that guarantees travel lovers through Discoverlist, a successful, less stressful travel experience, and a bucket of fun memories,” Discoverlist’s co-founder Henry Stanley disclosed in his opening remarks about the community and the app, in the virtual event. Co-founder Susana Zazueta reinforced that the Discoverlist app was built around sharing travel recommendations, planning dream trips and meeting other travelers. She explained that it is a straightforward and easy-to-use app, much like any social media application, “Creating a bucket list of where you’ve been and where you want to go, getting tips for trips from other travel lovers, and sharing your travel experiences as well,” she explained. Susana announced the launch of the community’s I Want to Travel! podcast where interviews are conducted with companies in the travel industry and millennial travel lovers. In one of the podcasts, Susana speaks with two travel lovers who reenact  what would have been their travel experience at Bali and Hawaii, in their home.

Attendees were introduced to a series of three break-out sessions during the event, engaging Discoverlist’s ambassadors live from Romania, Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia), Mexico and Japan. Discoverlist’s Ambassador and travel influencer, Jhony shared his experience on being back in his home country during the travel pause, and recommendations on top travel spots in Romania during the break out session. Leslie and Martina, popularly referred to as @thatcouplewhotravels hosted a break out session on their meeting on a plane, getting married, traveling the world, and how they’ve used the travel pause to recreate experiences of traveling the world. “All we do now is go out to get groceries, because I love good food and I like to recreate my own global eats with my own spins and twists. There are so many things you can do while you wait out the pause. Do everything that you could do if you were traveling. Create your own memory lane, host an international party at home, retail therapy, watch travel movies and even check out virtual theme parks, zoos and museums. You could take the travel pause and lockdown serious and still get to virtually experience the world,” Martina remarked.

The event ended with a raffle draw sponsored by Hotels by Day, rewarding the winner with a two day stay in any hotel of their choice in the US. To enter the raffle draw, attendees created their travel bucket lists via the Discoverlist app from their experiences during the break-out session. There was also a Question and Answer game session on Kahoot! app, rewarding a $100 visa gift card to the attendee with the fastest and most correct answers to a travel Quiz on the event.

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