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Thursday 23, July

The Moon is in your social zone for the next few days, Scorpio. This is a lovely, sweet opportunity to connect to your IRL and online friends in ways that you’ve avoided in recent weeks. The eclipses and Mercury Retrograde made you feel a bit more introverted, but now you’re ready to rejoin the world – and to build powerful collabs.

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Wednesday 22, July

The Sun marches into Leo today, providing you with one of your most ambitious months of the year. If you’ve felt uninspired or unable to focus on your professional goals, this solar energy can help you to connect to what the future might feel like. Focus on your career, whether you need to totally remake it or just see it in a new light.

Tuesday 21, July

The Moon is in Leo today, filing up your career zone with intense drive and ambition. It’s extra fierce because rebellious Uranus and your ruler Mars play a major role. This means that you’re at the ready and on-point, but you can’t know exactly how things will play out. Expect the unexpected.

Monday 20, July

There is a second, rare New Moon in Cancer today. The first one came on 21 June in the form of an intensely emotional Solar Eclipse, and this lunation aims to make up for the drama that was stirred up at that time. Think ahead through your next six months and dream of all the ways you can absorb wisdom and expand your consciousness to ready you for 2021 – a year that will include travel.

Sunday 19, July

The Moon and Mars are in a big row right before the New Moon tomorrow. Your emotions are getting hijacked from every direction at the moment, so play it cool or just cry it out if you need to. The important thing is not to repress or stuff your feelings, as that will only lead to problems down the line.

Saturday 18, July

The Moon meets up with the planet of communication today for a lot of insights and excellent ideas. Your inspiration is off the charts to boot. Say what you need to say and write those letters, make those phone calls, write those emails and catch up on all matters of correspondence, Scorpio.

Friday 17, July

The Moon continues to move through your house of transformation and deep change. You are getting profound insights on the hour these days, especially about the depths of your loved one’s psyches. Use this information for higher means and not to get revenge or file it away for later vendettas. Avoid gossip and take the higher road.

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