PS4 games are loading up faster following a recent backward compatibility update, giving players a taste of how they will perform on the PS5.

Some PlayStation 4 games are suddenly loading at a significantly faster rate after being updated to run on the upcoming PS5 with backward compatibility optimizations. While not as in-depth or far-reaching as the Xbox Series X’s more impressive catalog, the PlayStation 5’s previously vaunted backward compatibility will ensure that players will be able to enjoy their old PS4 games on the new system when it finally launches on November 12.

In preparation for the PS5’s impending arrival, hit titles from the previous console generation like 2018’s God Of War or this year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake are gaining new update patches that many believe are to add compatibility for Sony’s newest system. Players have already been shown how the PS5’s upgraded hardware benefits games when it comes to the age-old dilemma of lengthy load times, and now they can see just how faster their favorite PS4 titles might be able to boot up when run on the new hardware.

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VGC now reports that a recent update patch for The Last Of Us Remastered has all but eliminated load times for the game. A time-lapsed YouTube video by ElAnalistaDeBits further illustrates this by comparing the game both before and after the patch, with the patched version reaching the opening cutscene while the unpatched version is still on the loading screen. Further examples of the patched version booting up faster consistently clock in at about 13 seconds before the non-updated one. Some viewers speculate that this is the work of new data compression techniques being introduced ahead of the PS5’s launch, though others dismiss this due to the lengthy internet downloads this might require.

The striking difference in graphical power between the PS4 and PS5 has already been demonstrated by Spider-Man: Miles Morales developer Insomniac Games, who have spoken at length about the new console’s enhanced ray tracing technology and haptic feedback that will allow them to stimulate the feel of fighting crime as Spidey in ways that weren’t possible on the PS4. Furthermore, players will have little difficulty transferring their old PS4 games and save data to the PS5, as Sony has been generous enough to print out very straightforward instructions on how to hook the new systems together on the bottom of the PS5’s box.

Long loading times have been a constant source of annoyance for video game fans since the dawn of the medium itself, but it looks like they could now be a thing of the past as of this new console generation. The increased speed in which The Last Of Us Remastered is shown to boot up after its most recent update is already eye-catching, and it will most likely load even faster on the PlayStation 5 due to its significantly beefed-up Solid State Drive, which in turn gives players one more thing to look forward to when the system makes its long-awaited debut in just a few short weeks.

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Source: VGC, ElAnalistaDeBits

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