The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission continue to prepare for opening day while stocking up streams and ponds across the area.

We went to Gravel Pit Pond in Fairview for more information about the upcoming trout season.

Opening day in Pennsylvania is this Saturday April 3rd. Gravel Pit Pond is ready to get stocked up with 2,000 brown trout.

With opening day just around the corner, there will be roughly four million trout stocked throughout the state thanks to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and participating sportsmen clubs.

“Starting back in February 15th, we’ve been stocking right up today. We’ll be stocking through opening day and through the season. All through the Spring we stock about 3.2 million trout every year across the commonwealth,” said Tim Schaeffer, Executive Director of the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Schaffer said that the PA Fish and Boat Commission app gives anglers insight about where all of the trout stockings are statewide.

“It’s got a geographic feature on it. It’ll show you all the streams and lakes in Erie County that have been stocked and will bring stocked this Spring,” said Schaeffer.

Schaeffer said that since the pandemic started many people across the commonwealth have taken an interest in trout fishing.

“Last year we saw a boom in outdoor recreation across the country. We saw a 20% increase in fish license sales,” said Schaeffer.

One conservation officer said that opening day is a highlight for many in the Erie community year after year.

“This spot is very popular it has been for 30-40 years. I fished here when I was five, ten years old, and I still do to this day. So we’ll probably get about 200 people here the first day,” said Daniel Nietupski, Waterways Conservation Officer, PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Nietupski said in addition to Gravel Pit Pond, Crooked Creek and Elk Creek are also very popular spots on opening day.

He reminds the community of some items they need especially for those fishing on boats.

“We’ve already had two fatalities this year to cold water. So life jackets are very important make sure you have your license. Make sure you have your trout stamp. Here you don’t need a Lake Erie stamp, but if you’re fishing at Crooked Creek, Elk Creek you definitely need a Lake Erie stamp as well,” said Nietupski.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission app and website now allows people to purchase fishing licenses online.

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