VIRGINIA, MN — Over the years, the number of people moving to northeastern Minnesota has dropped.

Shawn Herhusky, workforce strategy consultant for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, said it can be difficult for employers on the Iron Range to find the right people to hire.

“We know that our population is going down,” Herhusky said. “We know that we have Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, and we know that we have businesses and industries up here that are in desperate need of talent.”

‘Hello Iron Range’ is a website with the goal of showcasing the area’s beauty, activities, and amenities.

The website is the result of collaboration with some of the Range’s largest employers and the Iron Range Tourism Bureau.

Iron Range Tourism Executive Director Beth Pierce wanted to create a website to inspire people from out of state to move there.

“They can see all of the great recreation, events, and other activities that we offer here in northern Minnesota,” Pierce said.

On the site, people can learn facts about the Iron Range, search for job opportunities, explore outdoor activities, and more.

“We have the amenities you’re looking for,” Herhusky said. “We have childcare. We’ve got great schools. We’ve got essentially everything that you’re looking for, and they should really consider taking the opportunity up here in northeast Minnesota.”

People can also use ‘Hello Iron Range’ to connect with employers looking to hire, like Essentia Health in Virginia.

“When we’re bringing someone in and they aren’t really familiar with the area, having something like this in one spot where we can showcase more information for them,” Essentia Health Senior Human Resource Business Partner Terri Nystrom said. “Information about the schools, information about housing.”

‘Hello Iron Range’ is a resource with the goal of encouraging people from around the country to make the Iron Range their new home.

“It’s just an amazing place to live and work, and that’s one of the things we’re really trying to promote with this website,” Herhusky said.

Click here to view the ‘Hello Iron Range’ website.

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