You can almost smell it in the air as you enter Maryland: the scent of Old Bay. While lots of seasonings are synonymous with particular regions, you’d be hard to find a place that’s as enamored with a particular way of flavoring as the Chesapeake/mid-Atlantic is with Old Bay.

While the seafood seasoning-maker recently reintroduced its highly-coveted hot sauce, it also looks like they’re using their magical flavor powers to make beef jerky taste better than ever. That’s based on evidence shared by Instagram account @withtheBeasts, who seems to have hit the Old Bay motherlode after finding some Red Truck beef jerky imbued with its potent combination of 18 herbs and spices (including celery salt, paprika, cayenne, nutmeg, dry mustard, black pepper, and, uh, 12 more things).

What’s even better, it looks like this came from Brookbend Interiors in Elkton, Maryland, which would seem to sell a ton of Old Bay items, ranging from the much-desired hot sauce, Bloody Mary mix, and a ton of blue and yellow decor perfect for any Marylander in your life who needs a reminder of home.

You don’t need to travel to the Maryland-Pennsylvania-Delaware tri-state area to get your hands on this jerky, however. You can find Red Truck’s gourmet dried meat take on Old Bay from online retailers like Jerky Outpost, which sure seems like it’s got a better selection than your local gas station.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how this jerky tastes. But if all else fails, you can probably sprinkle some more Old Bay in there.

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