3 Perfect Days in Indian Country


DAY ONE: From Albuquerque, head west to tour Acoma Pueblo’s Sky City. After a morning in the ancient village, explore Grants, where the New Mexico Mining Museum re-creates a uranium mine. Spend the afternoon outdoors, hiking around El Morro National Monument or El Malpais National Monument. On the way you may wish to travel the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway, a route that once connected ancient villages.

DAY TWO: Strike out for Chaco Culture National Historical Park to hike among the creations of Ancestral Puebloans. In Gallup, cruise Route 66, view the town’s murals, or browse for a great piece of art—whether traditional pottery or abstract paintings. From here, you can continue on to spend a day touring the Middle Village of Zuni Pueblo or continue on to Farmington.

DAY THREE: Explore the tri-cities of Farmington, Aztec, and Bloomfield. In Aztec, tour the buildings at Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park, one of the largest Chaco Culture outliers, or hike to one or more of 300 natural arches and bridges. In Bloomfield, bet on live horseracing at SunRay Park & Casino.

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