(StatePoint) With a little creativity, having fun while following social distancing guidelines can be an opportunity to carve out brand new experiences.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or you have the family in tow, consider these fun-filled tips and ideas from the lifestyle experts at Intex Recreation Corp.:

• Watch a Movie: Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t “go to the movies.” Have your next movie night under the stars in the backyard. With the Ultra Plush Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed or the Pull-Out Sofa from Intex, for example, you can create the ultimate cozy outdoor entertainment space and have movie night without even leaving home. Don’t have a screen? No problem. A plain sheet hung against the side of your house can make for the perfect projection screen.

• Go Kayaking: Outdoor exploration is an opportunity to feel free in times like these. Never considered kayaking before? One easy way to get out on the water –without the need for much storage space — is with an inflatable kayak. Check out those that inflate with an included hand pump so you can conveniently take off on the water hassle-free. Just don’t forget the snacks and SPF, and on cooler days, a wetsuit to stay warm and dry.

• Camp at Home: Taking a staycation or simply need some outdoor time without leaving home? Host a family camping night in the backyard. Start the evening with a barbecue, s’mores and lawn games. Once the sun goes down, tell spooky stories. You may be “roughing it” outdoors, but you can stay comfortable using inflatable furniture and Dura-Beam airbeds, which have Fiber-Tech technology and will not stretch over time, resulting in years of durability.

• Hit the Road: Americans are still traveling. Indeed, 27 percent have taken a vacation since the start of COVID-19 and 20 percent are planning to, according to a survey conducted by IPX1031.

With safety in mind however, more people are opting for road trips. For this reason, RVing has gained particular popularity. If you do go this route, be sure to map out your journey before setting out so you know where you’ll spend each night of the trip. Determine in advance if you’ll keep it moving the entire time in order to cover more ground, or if you’ll stay in fewer locations for longer periods of time. Whatever your style, remember that RVs have limited space, so gear that serves multiple purposes, is portable, or stores easily as-needed, is essential. Think nesting bowls, multitools and, when it comes to relaxing outside with all the same comforts as a hotel or cabin, inflatable couches and lounge chairs.

More information about Intex products, which are available at more than 600 retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target and Amazon, can be found at intexcorp.com.

As your family navigates the new normal, it’s all about finding new ways to have fun. Getting creative and having the right gear can make life a lot less stressful right now and even offer new opportunities to build lasting memories.


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