As gyms and recreation centers shut down across the country or limited their capacities, many people found new ways to work out at home, from treadmills to home gyms. Some turned to stationary bikes to burn calories, investing in models from brands like Schwinn and Echelon, the latter having launched an affordable bike on Amazon before the online retailer stopped selling it this year. Given the tremendous rise in popularity of these exercise bikes, we took a look back on the year and rounded up the bestselling exercise bikes we covered this year.

Along with bikes, readers also often chose to invest in warranties like the Asurion 2-Year Sporting Goods Protection Plan, which covers accidents like cracked screens, drops and spills. While many extended warranties and protection plans offer specific and substantial benefits, tech expert Whitson Gordon argues they’re often fine to pass on, especially when it comes to tech (which mostly applies to the aforementioned screens). While exercise bikes might even make for a stellar holiday gift for gym junkies, there are a plethora of other smart fitness products on the market. Some people are also adding an element of fitness into work hours by purchasing a FitDesk or an under-desk elliptical machine.

When looking to purchase an indoor fitness bike, experts say to prioritize basic features like a padded seat and easy-to-grip handles — an uncomfortable bike can cause unnecessary muscle strain and even sustained injury in the long run. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary not only features an adjustable non-slip handlebar, four-way padded seat and adjustable resistance levels, it also has a dedicated iPad holder, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows while exercising. The bike also equips an LCD monitor that shows your speed, distance, calories burned, odometer and time spent on the machine.

While Peloton took the at-home cycling bike market by storm, well-known brands like NordicTrack and Schwinn have been making their mark on the industry in recent months. Fitness experts recommend the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike for its 40-pound flywheel that’s powered by a smooth and silent belt drive. The bike has a customizable set of resistance levels that lets you choose how you want to challenge yourself. You can adjust the seat horizontally and vertically, and the handlebars are also padded for extra comfort.

The more features a spinning bike sports, the higher the price tag, but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an indoor cycling machine. There are plenty of affordable options on the market, such as the Echelon Connect Sport Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike. It’s a Walmart exclusive product and comes with a six-month free membership with access to 500 on-demand virtual fitness classes. The bike is equipped with slip-resistant, padded handlebars, cushioned seats and adjustable toe cages. It also boasts 32 levels of magnetic resistance, allowing you to cycle without making too much noise.

Bells and whistles are nice but personal trainers say the best indoor exercise bike is the one that you’ll actually use. The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Cycling Bike is a lower tech option (it doesn’t have a screen that shows your stats, for example), but it’s well-liked by Shopping readers and fitness pros. The bike has a 49-pound chrome flywheel and it’s made from a steel frame. It has an adjustable resistance knob and can handle a max user weight of 275 pounds.

Spinning accessories that make your bike more comfortable or easier to use can help you get the most out of your at-home fitness experience. This gel seat cushion gives you additional support, allowing you to ride for longer periods of time. Domain’s highly-rated silicone gel seat has a non-slip underside so you don’t have to worry about it moving around while you’re using the bike, which Shopping reader tended to heavily favor.

Since we’re spending more time sitting at our desks and working from home, we may as well pedal away to burn calories while doing so. Under-desk elliptical machines like this one from Sunny Health & Fitness gives you an effective low-impact workout. It has eight resistance levels, an LCD screen and quiet belt-drive, as well as a low profile, making it easy to store. Readers also liked the Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine and the DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle.

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