MEDFORD, MA — The Medford Recreation Department announced new regulations for Wright’s Pond and Tufts Pool in August, based on expanded guidance from the state and feedback from residents and staff about pond and pool operations.

Starting in August, the Recreation Department will make the following adjustments:

  • Reservations can be made in two hour time slots (three two-hour time slots will be available for each day). Three blocks of two hours will be available, rather than the current three-hour blocks. This time change will allow us to accommodate more people per day.

  • Capacity at Wright’s Pond will be increased to 60 people per block. This will allow a total of 180 residents each day to access the pond as opposed to the current 100 per day. The pool will also be increased to 40 people per day. In total, 300 people will be able to visit these facilities each day.

  • To increase available time slots for as many residents as possible, residents are asked to purchase two visits per week when making initial reservations. On Wednesday each week, if reservation blocks are still available, residents may register for additional visits.

  • The Recreation Department’s online system now allows for staff to choose what time pass sales become available (passes currently go on sale on Monday at midnight due to system requirements). As of Monday, July 27, pond and pool passes will be available beginning at 9 a.m. on each Monday morning for the upcoming week. Passes will be available at or by calling the Recreation Department at (781) 393-2486.

  • If you purchase a pass to the pond or the pool and can no longer utilize the pass, please email the Recreation Department ([email protected]) so passes can be released to other residents.

“The Recreation Department would like to thank all residents for their patience and understanding as we operate Tufts Pool and Wright’s Pond during the Covid-19 health crisis,” Recreation Director Kevin Bailey said in a statement. “In the past few weeks, we have received feedback from the public, along with observations from our staff to make adjustments for the month of August. We are excited to continue to make these changes in the best interests of our residents, and ask you to continue to work with us during this challenging summer season to make sure everyone is able to utilize these resources safely, and with the health of staff and customers in mind.”

This article originally appeared on the Medford Patch

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