Facility’s design utilized suggestions from the community

September 30, 2020
| 4:21 p.m.

Work at Beattie Park is expected to be finished by the end of October.Click to view larger

Work at Beattie Park is expected to be finished by the end of October. (Courtesy photo)

Construction is underway on a new, grant-funded playground and fitness area at Beattie Park in Lompoc, The recreation facility will have the distinction of being the largest inclusive playground in Santa Barbara County.

In addition, Beattie Park’s new playground has been named a Triple National Demonstration Site, meeting stringent design standards in three categories: inclusive playground design, youth play, and adult fitness.

The design selected incorporates suggestions from an online community survey in April that garnered 645 responses. Among the playground’s features are a giant modern tower with a view of the park, an inclusive play space with ramps leading up to three different height levels and accessible components.

The playground also showcases the “sensory wave climber” with integrated sensory panels, a roller slide, and spiral tower slides. The playground area for ages 2 to 5 has multiple slides and climbers. The overall playground area has an “inclusive whirl” accessible to a child in a mobility device, as well as an arch disk swing, and other swings for various age groups.

The new Beattie Park fitness area includes the Thrive 900 multi-user gym piece, with elements for strength training, cardio and core workouts. The park area will have a gazebo with picnic tables and a barbecue pit, concrete ping-pong tables, and concrete tables with checkerboard tops.

“This new Beattie Park playground and fitness area belongs to the Lompoc community, and it’s important that we were able to incorporate the elements most important to those who will be using this recreation area,” said Mario Guerrero, Jr.,  Lompoc recreation manager.

“In addition, we worked to make this playground and fitness area as accessible to all abilities as possible,” he said. “We look forward to welcoming our community to this beautiful and inclusive new playground and fitness area in Lompoc.”

Construction began Aug. 31 on the playground and fitness area; completion is expected in late October. Great Western Installation Inc. is building the project under contract from the city of Lompoc, with funds provided by Proposition 68 grant funding and Lompoc Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

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