Parks And Recreation’s season 7 featured Leslie Knopes performing a memorably awful cover of “We Didn’t Start The Fire”; here are her fake lyrics.

Parks And Recreation season 7 saw Leslie Knopes perform an unforgettable “We Didn’t Start The Fire” parody, and here’s a rundown of her made up lyrics. Parks And Rec dusted itself off after an uneven first season to become a comedy gem, which was largely down to an ensemble that consisted of performers like Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza and many, many more. The show only seemed to get funnier with each passing series and came to an end after seven seasons in 2015.

The cast recently reunited for 2020’s A Parks And Recreation Special, which saw their characters catch up with one another via video chat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This special was created to benefit the Feeding America Response Fund and it came off remarkably well considering the cast all recorded their scenes separately. While some kind of revival series would be nice, it appears this special was a one-off for a good cause, though co-creator Mike Schur did tell DeadlineNever say never” when it came to the idea of a new series.

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The relationship between Amy Poehler’s Leslie and Nick Offerman’s Ron provided some of Parks And Recreation’s best moments, but the two briefly became enemies during season 7. Their petty bickering eventually causes their friends to lock them in an office in the episode “Leslie And Ron” and force them to make peace. Leslie’s attempts to get the stoic Ron to open up eventually come down to her performing Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” Unfortunately for Ron, she doesn’t actually know the lyrics and just makes up her own, which can be seen below.

“Harry Truman was a guy,

America, Red China,

All the countries,

Other people, Everyone is fun,

Joe Mantegna, Ian McKellen,

I have to buy a new toaster,

This is awesome, you’re so stupid,

Jumping up and down,

Freddy Krueger bought some pants,

Oprah has a turtle farm,

Peter Piper, peepee poopy,

Daddy ate a squirrel…”

The Leslie Knope “We Didn’t Start The Fire” cover is perfectly horrible with random shoutouts to Oprah and Freddy Krueger and has the intended effect of making Ron agree to talk for exactly three minutes. While Parks And Rec’s “Leslie And Ron” is funny, it’s also one of the more emotional episodes of the entire series and focuses almost entirely on the complicated friendship between the two. At the root of their falling out was Leslie unknowingly snubbing Ron when he was planning to ask her for a job.

Parks And Rec’s “Leslie And Ron” brings things full circle as the two not only make up, but the gang finds them the next morning drunk and dancing to “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” In a way, it’s a shame the show didn’t just record a full Leslie Knope “We Didn’t Start The Fire” cover complete with her own annoying catchy lyrics.

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