Fort Myers

It’s time for parents to start making plans for their children’s summer. On Monday, Lee County camp registration opens up.

Summer might not feel like it’s right around the corner, but it’ll be here before you know it. People who run the camps say they learned a lot with COVID-19 last year, and this year they’re more prepared to keep your kids safe.

“One counselor per nine kids, and keeping the groups pretty well separated,” said Alise Flanjack with Lee County Parks and Recreation. “In smaller groups that will go rotate inside different rooms, they’ll rotate outside different games, trying to keep the kids really contained, and all their supplies are contained.”

But with the smaller groups, fewer children can be registered, and they do expect to fill up quickly.

“We have to limit again; with the space that we have to work with, some of our smaller sites where we’d normally take 40 kids, we’re just now just under 20 kids,” Flanjack said. “So our larger sites that would normally take 180 kids, we’re right now just a little over 100.”

Monday is the day to register. The registration desk recommends you buy a $10 lifetime Lee County membership. You also have to make a household account online.

Collier County camp registration starts March 1.

Lee County camp is five weeks long and costs $75 a week for each child enrolled. While kids can still pick camp themes, the experience will be a bit different this year. Kids also won’t do some of the usual activities at camp, like going to the pool or on field trips. Camps start June 28 and end on July 30.

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