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Yes, we can all probably agree that the upcoming Super Nintendo World looks incredible. On the inside, it’s amazing, but on the outside, it looks somewhat small.

This is something that we’ve previously heard. When Bloomberg’s Kurumi Mori checked out the park in a press preview late last month, she did say, “I do want to point out that Super Nintendo World did look a little small. I wonder how they’ll handle the crowds with the pandemic.”

The new Mario-themed park will be located behind the Jaws attraction and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in what used to be a parking area. In recent aerial footage (here and here), you see how it compares to part of the Harry Potter area on the left—notably the Hogsmeade recreation, which is filled with shops. (Also, you can compare it to the Waterworld theater on the upper right.)

It’s not just the size of the new area, but rather, Super Nintendo World looks like it’s packed to the gills.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open on February 4 in Osaka, which has been seeing an increase in covid-19 cases.

Recently on 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board, net users have also been noting that, yes, the new Mario-themed park looks small. Below is the online reaction:

“It’s all crammed in there.”

“Is this where the coronavirus will be cultivated?”

“Maybe it’s a prison?”

“I’d probably get tired of this after an hour.”

“To be honest, it’s hard for me to tell unless I walked through the park.”

“Not much space!”

“If you look at the size of the cars, then there should be enough space.”

“I imagine it will be packed with old dudes who like Nintendo.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised that if in a few years the size is doubled.”

“There’s less space than in the Harry Potter area.”

“It does look like a prison.”

“But going by the size of a car, it seems like it could be small.”

“Keep in mind that a Donkey Kong area is going to be added.”

“Making a Pokémon area would be more profitable.”

“It would’ve been better to make Super Nintendo World as a standalone theme park.”

“The correct answer: There’s not much space.”

“No, no. This is good. It’s aimed at younger visitors, so taking the family would be fun.”

As someone who has been going to Universal Studios Japan since 2001 and who has seen the park get bigger and bigger, yes it looks small now, but no doubt it will continue to grow and flourish. However, considering the size of the area and the pandemic, the February launch does seem concerning.

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