UNITED STATES—Imagine: a long-awaited moment – you move or decide to “freshen up” the old interior, but instead of joy you suddenly feel doubts: “I’ll decide to make changes, spend a lot of money and time, and in the end, I’ll be disappointed, everything around will only interfere and annoy”, “No way I don’t understand: do I really like this style, or does it just look great in a fashion magazine/friends’ apartment?” Such thoughts often push us to act according to the old scheme, to choose the familiar. Or to the last hope that the issues will be resolved somehow by themselves, along the way. As a result, the curtains do not fit the sofa, and the sofa does not fit the beloved cat.

To prevent this from happening, we prepared a small instruction. It will help you answer exciting questions and find the very style of the interior in which you will be as good and comfortable as possible.

Step 1: Finding Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest is an online service with a huge amount of illustrations. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, fresh solutions, and ideas. You can save photos and pictures (pins) you like on your page, combine them into thematic collections (boards) and share them on social networks. Collect a folder with the interiors you like, consider them, think about what exactly attracted you to them, and what elements you would like to see in your home.

The service has a very convenient function – it gradually remembers which images you choose and offers similar ones in order to quickly and easily replenish the collection. Plus, this is a great option for those who want “also, but the wallpaper is two tones lighter” or “a more minimalistic chandelier,” but have no idea what it will look like in reality.

Tip: do not rush to the store, for example, for a lavender chest s and wicker baskets, as soon as you realize that your heart beats faster from Provence-style interiors. First, it is better to assemble a mood board with the pictures you like (you can even print and hang them in a prominent place) and periodically return to it, removing unnecessary photos. Gradually, a general picture of what you really like will develop, and not just “got into the mood” or “caught the eye”

Step 2. Compare expectations and reality

At this stage, we return from the boundless world of fantasy to reality and decide which elements of our ideal home can be realized, and which is better to refuse. First of all, we take into account the needs of the family. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before placing a high-sided bathtub in an apartment where the elderly live or glass partitions when there are small children.

Also, you should check this article to know more about the style possibilities.

Make sure the style you choose is not just visually pleasing but also suits your lifestyle. A minimalist interior in pictures or in a friend’s apartment may look amazing, but if you are used to surrounding yourself with a lot of things, it will be uncomfortable.

Tip: Try living in the environment you want to create in your own home for a couple of days or even weeks. For example, in a hotel, in a country house at a recreation center, in an apartment rented on airbnb, or with the same friends. And then, as with beautiful shoes after several appearances: either it turns out that it is definitely yours, or it is tight, it squeezes and does not seem so attractive at all

Step 3. Putting together the final picture and making a shop list

The last step is the visualization of ideas in the form of a final picture and drawing up a shopping list (finishing materials, furniture, decor). This will help outwit the existing pattern of behavior: if you keep a clear picture of the future interior in your head and go strictly according to the shoplist, your hands will not reach out to the things that you are used to surrounding yourself in the same place.

The best way to search for elements for your future interior is to search it online. New York Furniture Outlets is one of the best online shops of furniture and you surely will find its assortment quite fascinating. 

However, assembling the elements so that a harmonious interior is obtained is not an easy task. Especially when you want to combine features of several styles in one space (for example, loft and minimalism or boho and classics). At this stage, it’s best to contact the designers. They will help you calculate the required amount of materials, correctly remove the sockets and make the interior not only beautiful but also functional.

Renovation is not only about wallpaper of a different color and a more modern sofa, it is also about the starting point, the moment when life starts from scratch again. May this road to a new life be simple and pleasant. More like a fairy tale with a happy ending than a horror story in the spirit of Stephen King.

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