Just like it is good and bad in the world, there can be good and bad contained within a single building. Some entities can be nice and helpful, while others more malicious with intentions to bring harm to anyone that dares to interrupt them. In the season finale episode of Travel Channel’s ‘Hotel Paranormal’, Kamran Kamrava, Shelley Wade and Kaitlyn are attacked by the evil residents in their hotel – residents that once checked in, but never checked out.

Kamran Kamrava – West Coast, 2012

Kamran Kamrava (Travel Channel)

A swanky and luxurious hotel on the West Coast, it has always attracted the rich and famous with its eclectic interiors and a great reputation for service. Kamrava was just promoted to head of security, and he was thrilled with his new position and responsibility. One of his main duties was to make sure that the property was properly monitored round the clock and without fail. It was when he was on one of his rounds that he was alerted by a panicked security guard, who stressed that something kept calling out to him but there was nothing there. The guard quit on the spot, leaving Kamrava flustered and unable to understand what was going on.

A fellow guard who looked over the surveillance then showed him a strange thing that he’d recorded from past footage. A waiter working on the second-floor had encountered something that left him terrified, and the only thing he said was that “a lady in white said ‘come here, and let me show you'”. Kamrava trying to make sense of what he had seen, went up to the second floor with his colleague to investigate. He recalled an ominous, heavy and unpleasant feeling the minute he stepped onto the floor. The two guards were sure then heard disembodied sounds of laughter, almost like a cackle, and it didn’t sound nice. Kamrava was afraid, deep down, and he knew whatever it was, it was definitely not of this world.

While he was busy sorting through files in his office, he was further rattled by the file cabinets opening and slamming shut on their own. Over the next few nights, his staff continue to see inexplicable things, and immediately after, quit their job. A friend who sent him a video call request is also left shocked after seeing a ghostly apparition in the room behind Kamarava. That night, he decided he would clock off early and head up to his designated suite on the fifth floor to get some rest when he was attacked by a malicious spirit.

Shelley Wade – Southern US, 2013

Shelley Wade (Travel Channel)

Wade was the hotel caretaker of a historic hotel, whose origins date back to the 1920s. Prior to its current state, it had been a hospital and a boarding house that has undergone many events. Wade’s friend had bought the hotel and asked her to be the caretaker since she would be unable to be around all the time. Wade was asked to come over every weekend, to look after the building. On her first night there, she witnessed the bedroom door bang open more than once. At first, she had been worried about it being someone trying to break into the hotel and even heard loud creaking noises that led her down to the basement.

The next thing she knew, she was hearing the sound of giggles, distinctly giggles from children, and heard the door to the basement slam shut. Crippled with fear, Wade knew that no one was likely to believe her if she told them about what happened to her. So she used a recording device to capture what she had been hearing but heard or saw nothing, herself. Heading back to her room she reviewed the recording, and was presented with deep, manly and gravely voice asking her to get out. Weighing out her options, she decided she wanted to make it through this night in the hotel because she promised her friend.

Minutes later she was asleep but woke up feeling a pressure suffocating her as if someone had their hands around her neck and was choking her. She felt like she was being violated and like she was at the brink of death. Suddenly the pressure was gone, and just when she thought she might have been dreaming she noticed scratch marks on her neck. Wade later learned that a man, who had been staying in one of the rooms in the hotel, had brutally murdered his wife and a child over a century ago.

Kaitlyn – Central US, 2009

Kaitlyn (Travel Channel)

Kaitlyn, who chose to remain anonymous, was at a grand hotel in Central US celebrating her mother’s birthday. The hotel itself was large, larger than any Kaitlyn had ever stayed at, bright, and had many antique and ornate pieces that prompted several years of history. The 10-year-old and her family had been excited as the hotel was infamously reputed for its haunted history. While Kaitlyn had always been fascinated with the paranormal, her mother, not so much. Her mother was excited to go into the city to do some site-seeing and shopping, and they returned to the hotel late that night, going straight to bed.

Her brother passed out as soon as his head had the pillow, but Kaitlyn who had a pre-existing fear of the dark was finding it difficult to fall asleep. Suddenly she began hearing loud footsteps before spotting a shadow in the corner of the room. There was a dark and ominous feeling in the room, she recounted, and she was terrified because she didn’t know what it could do. 

‘Hotel Paranormal’ airs on Saturdays at 10/9c on Travel Channel.

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