ByGood Coffee in Winston-Salem and Hotel Denim in Greensboro are two Triad businesses that made the most of the pandemic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Even in the middle of a pandemic, some Triad businesses are still finding success.

While we continue to spend more time at home and inside under the Governor’s ‘Safer at Home’ Phase 2, companies with a vision aren’t letting the pandemic stop their progress.

In Greensboro, what was formerly the Battleground Inn is getting more than just a fresh coat of paint. The top to bottom renovation also comes with a new name: Hotel Denim. 

“We wanted to pay tribute to the rich history of Greensboro, as well as Cone Mills,” said Tushar Zaver, a Vice President for CN Hotels, “We’ve also reached out to some street artists, and we’ve got original street art throughout the building.”

Zaver says while the pandemic brought some speed bumps for the 48 room boutique hotel – some things were made, easier. 

“In our situation, when it hit it was a good opportunity for us at this property because we were able to shut the hotel down and just go ahead and start renovating with a full crew in there to try to get as many things done,” he said. 

Hotel Denim has a tentative opening date for sometime in September. 

Over in Winston-Salem, coronavirus didn’t stop Darrell Garner and his wife from putting pen to paper, signing on to bring their coffee shop and roastery – ByGood Coffee – from Long Island, south. 

“We are coffee roasters and looseleaf tea purveyors,” he said, “We moved our whole entire operations down to Winston-Salem. We are head over heels to be in the state of North Carolina.”

Ahead of Friday’s opening, Garner says, he believes the key to success is taking calculated risks. Pandemic or not – to him, this move made sense.

“We just said, you know what we’re here, we’re going to take it on, and we believe that that particular store will do very well,” he said. 

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