A new glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online allows players to complete the Diamond Casino Heist far more easily by phasing through the vault wall.


Players have discovered a new bug in GTA Online that makes completing the Diamond Casino Heist much easier by allowing them to glitch through the vault wall. The casino heist mission is one of the most complex and challenging in Grand Theft Auto V‘s online mode. It was first introduced at the end of 2019 and tasks players with robbing the Diamond Casino & Resort but involves a large number of steps that can easily trip up players.

A recent leak for GTA Online suggested that the open-world experience might soon get a fresh UFO-themed mission for Halloween. The event was first leaked last year as part of the Alien Business Battles missions. However, the UFO has never been included in the title, with some suggesting that it would not be available until October so that it arrives just in time for the Halloween season.

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A new glitch has emerged in GTA Online that allows players to complete the Diamond Casino Heist far more easily than the developers intended. According to Reddit user DistressedUnit, the bug occurs when two players try to drill into the vault at the same time. This can cause one of the players to phase through the wall and enter the vault without setting off any alarms, removing much of the challenge. Although the glitch has become more frequent recently, Game Rant reports that it has been known about for some time in the Grand Theft Auto community. Some users on Reddit even reported being able to consistently recreate the glitch and use it to quickly finish the Diamond Casino Heist in multiple playthroughs.

This is not the only glitch in GTA Online that is focused on the Diamond Casino & Resort. In fact, an earlier bug allowed players quickly steal paintings at the same time as breaking into a lockbox. This effectively gave players the opportunity to make twice as much cash as they would otherwise be able to earn. Unfortunately, this glitch was not as easily reproduced and so did not give users a new strategy to use when carrying out the Diamond Casino Heist.

In a game as large and complex as Grand Theft Auto, there are always going to be some glitches. It is just impossible for developers to ensure that a game is completely bug-free. Of course, enterprising players will often find a good use for such glitches just like with this latest example. While Rockstar is likely to patch out the glitch once it is brought to the studio’s attention, users might be able to take advantage of it for now.

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GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DistressedUnit, Game Rant

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