Fun things to do with kids in Amsterdam

In so many instances, we pint Amsterdam as a city of grown-ups. But should you travel to Amsterdam with kids? YES! There are so many kid-friendly activities for you to do.

Here are some of our favourite things to do in Amsterdam with your kiddos.

1. NEMO Science Center

This science center is the biggest in the Netherlands. It’s been open since 1998 and is housed in a unique ship-shaped structure. If you want to have your children’s senses engaged, then this 5-story building is the to-go place. All activities are hands-on. From the World of Shapes illusions to experiments in the Laboratory, and Energize where they’ll play with light, wind, and water.

2. The National Maritime Museum

It is located right next to the NEMO science center. Here kiddos will learn about the 18th Century Dutch history. It is an exact replica of the ship that sailed from the Netherlands to the Far East with Dutch settlement cargo. Unfortunately, the ship was wrecked during its return journey and sank at the coast of England. You’ll be able to see the 200 sailers cramped quarters, pantry, surgeons cabin (with antique medical supplies), and even the cooks quarters.

3. Moco Museum

You can never go wrong taking your kiddos to Moco Museum. They get to see modern art, street art, and contemporary art. It’s the go-to place for artsy children and it attracts a younger audience so they won’t feel out of place. You’ll get to enjoy yourselves viewing current exhibitions, Mark Rothko, Banksy, and promoting upcoming artists. Also, Studio Irma is one of the most unique spots to visit in any museum Amsterdam. It reflects the future and you don’t get this anywhere else.

4. Rijksmuseum

We love this place because they have over 8000 art displays so you’re sure to find something to excite kids. The Night Watch is a must-see, Rembrandt’s masterpiece, and The Doll House. The museum garden is also a place to hang out and enjoy the fountain, children’s play areas, topiaries, and sculptures. If you have older children, make sure they go for the Family Quest – an engaging electronic scavenger hunt of the Rijksmuseum.

5. Muziekgebouw

Kids who love music will have the time of their life here. It’s a school of rock and a classical music venue that takes kids through a complete music lesson. They even get to ‘draw’ sound on The Xenax. Not forgetting the cosmic dance floor known as Kosmix. And you can even purchase tickets for them to watch live performances.

There are so many more activities including visiting the Artis Royal Zoo, Ann Frank House, Old Holland Candy store, and the Amsterdam Tramway museum.

We hope this gives you the non-red light and coffee shop side of Amsterdam.