Fall in love with the 12 best rom-coms on HBO Max
Fall in love with the 12 best rom-coms on HBO Max

HBO Max is here, and gives fans access to previously hard-to-stream Studio Ghibli hits, every Harry Potter movie, and a little sitcom known as Friends. It has also given many popular rom-com movies a new platform.

The streaming service’s expansive library features many longtime swoon-worthy movie favorites as well as modern romantic classics. We’re here to highlight some of the biggest rom-coms across the decades. While a few of the films below can be accessed via HBO Go and HBO Now (explained here), you won’t find them on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.

Here are 12 of the best rom-coms on HBO Max that you can stream now.

1. When Harry Met Sally

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Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star in this classic romantic comedy about who two University of Chicago grads who meet on a drive to New York City together. Though the pair debate about whether a man and a woman can ever be “just friends” upon their meeting, they’re forced to confront this question many times as they bump into one another over a 12-year period.

When Harry Met Sally is timeless and feel-good, blending the realities of city romance with the fantasy of falling for a friend. Plus: I’ll have what she’s having.

Where to watch: When Harry Met Sally is now streaming on HBO Max.

2. Crazy Rich Asians

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Crazy Rich Asians revitalized the rom-com genre upon its release in 2018. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Kevin Kwan, the story follows Chinese-American professor Rachel (Constance Wu), who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick (Henry Golding), for a wedding only to discover that his family is one of the wealthiest in the country. Rachel is also forced to confront Nick’s traditional mother who believes she is not good enough to marry her son.

With dazzling visuals, and snappy writing, this one is definitely worth revisiting.

Where to watch: Crazy Rich Asians is now streaming on HBO Max.

3. Singin’ in the Rain

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Though Singin’ in the Rain is approaching its 70th birthday, it remains one of the most iconic films in its genre.

The musical catches up with film star Don (Gene Kelly) and chorus girl Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) as they get caught up in the transition from silent films to those with sound. Because Don’s longtime romantic movie partner Lina (Jean Hagen) is not a skilled singer, Kathy is hired to record her voice over Lina’s image. However, this causes tension to brew in Hollywood.

Where to watch: Singin’ in the Rain is now streaming on HBO Max.

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love

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Love is hard — and unfortunately, Cal Weaver is forced to learn this after his wife of nearly 25 years cheats on him with a co-worker. Hoping to get back into the dating game, Cal enlists the help of womanizer Jacob Palmer, whom he meets at a bar. The problem? Jacob is unknowingly after Cal’s adult daughter, Hannah. Also, Cal’s middle-school-aged son is in love with his teenage babysitter. And the babysitter has a crush on Cal.

Watch for the romance, the cast — including Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone — and the over-the-top insanity.

Where to watch: Crazy, Stupid, Love is now streaming on HBO Max.

5. You’ve Got Mail

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In the early days of the internet — before the world became flooded with dating apps — there was AOL Instant Messenger. This is how small bookstore owner Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) anonymously meets Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), a man whose family owns a giant bookstore chain, in this ’90s rom-com. While the two flirt with one another online, their dislike of each other in real life threatens to get in the way of a blossoming romance.

Although we’re still mourning the cooperate takeover of Kathleen’s bookstore, You’ve Got Mail features a surprisingly well-rounded female lead, especially considering the decade it was released in. Also, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? It’s an all-time classic film for a reason.

Where to watch: You’ve Got Mail is now streaming on HBO Max.

6. Amélie

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The titular character of Amélie grows up in social isolation, but this doesn’t stop her from being kind to everyone she meets. This quirky film follows her as she attempts to track down the person who used to live in her apartment after she finds a box of his childhood memories. She vows to complete more good deeds, however, her life grows complicated after she develops a crush on a man who collects photographs.

While the French-language film is full of charm, it’s magnetic lead, Audrey Tautou, makes it stand out.

Where to watch: Amélie is now streaming on HBO Max.

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is just as loud, energetic, and sweet as you remember.

The sleeper movie hit has 30-year-old Toula (Nia Vardalos) meeting the handsome Ian Miller (John Corbett) one day while waiting tables at her family’s Chicago restaurant. The pair reconnects after Toula begins working for a travel agency, and it’s not long before Ian puts a ring her finger. Unfortunately for Toula, before the wedding can happen, Ian must get the approval of her giant, overbearing Greek family.

Where to watch: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is now streaming on HBO Max.

8. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is just as much of a guilty pleasure as the 2008 original.

Inspired by the songs of ABBA, the jukebox musical flashes back to the late ’70s when Donna first meets a series of lovers while traveling through Europe. In present-day, Donna’s daughter Sophie prepares to reopen the family hotel as the birth of her first child approaches.

With delightful music and an enchanting cast — including Meryl Streep, Lily James, Colin Firth and more — the movie is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Where to watch: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is now streaming on HBO Max.

9. Bridget Jones’s Baby

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While the third film in the Bridget Jones franchise took a while to hit theaters (it came out in 2016 whereas its predecessors premiered in 2001 and 2004), it didn’t waste any time jumping onto HBO Max.

Bridget Jones’s Baby has its leading lady discover that she’s pregnant at 43. She’s unsure whether the father of her child is her ex, Mark (Colin Firth, duh), or the billionaire creator of a dating website she had a one-night stand with, Jack (Patrick Dempsey). She goes on a mission to find out.

Where to watch: Bridget Jones’s Baby is now streaming on HBO Max.

10. Emma

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Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma was adapted for the big screen earlier this year. However, the story has been made into a film before, most notably in 1996.

This ’96 version has Gwyneth Paltrow starring as Emma Woodhouse, a young socialite living in 19th-century England who likes to play matchmaker. Despite a family friend and her father discouraging this habit, she continues to put couples together. However, it’s not long before her plans backfire and she gets tied into the romance herself. Fans of period dramas will love watching one of Austen’s best unfold.

Where to watch: Emma is now streaming on HBO Max.

11. Pretty in Pink

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If you’re feeling those ’80s teen vibes, you’ll be thrilled to know Pretty in Pink has found a home on HBO Max. Though technically it is also available via FreeForm, accessing it on HBO doesn’t require a TV provider (whereas Freeform does).

Pretty in Pink follows high schooler Andie (Molly Ringwald) who spends most of her time hanging with her friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) or working at the record store. Though she’s excited when the popular Blane (Andrew McCarthy) asks her to prom, she soon finds that dating outside of her social bubble is not as glittery as it sounds.

Where to watch: Pretty in Pink is now streaming on HBO Max.

12. Notting Hill

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Notting Hill sees independent book store owner William Thacker (rom-com fave Hugh Grant) beginning an on-and-off-again relationship with famous movie actor Anna Scott (other rom-com fave Julia Roberts) in London. Despite their shared interests and attraction, however, Scott’s fame always seems to get in the way of romance.

The sweeping rom-com was both a critical and commercial hit, so if it’s been sitting on your to-watch list, now might be the time to tackle it.

Where to watch: Notting Hill is now streaming on HBO Max.

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