Lucia government says it has made ‘significant headway’ in the establishment of a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) that will provide credible data on the impact of tourism on the island.
LAHORE — Acknowledging that Punjab has never utilised the economic potential of the tourism sector that remained mainstay of many countries in the world, the Punjab government has given its first Punjab Tourism Policy to make Punjab an attractive tourist destination through inclusive planning, diversification, development and management of tourist destinations.
Cambodia is calling for the establishment of tourism institutes and universities to provide relevant skills in compliance with an Asean curriculum, Minister of Tourism Thong Khon said.
International tourism fairs are considered to be a great opportunity for every country to promote its tourism potential as well as to meetwith world’s tourism industry participants to stimulate tourism flow to the country.
ISLAMABAD — Prime Minister Imran Khan was told on Thursday that 19 Integrated Tourism Zones were being established in various parts of the country including 11 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 8 in Punjab, to promote tourism.
Chairing a meeting on development and promotion of Tourism in the country in Islamabad on Thursday, he said that tourism is exploding in Pakistan.
It was told that private sector would play a leading role in development of tourism while the government would provide an enabling environment and would act as a facilitator.
‘Arrangement for the commercial use of 800 and 157 rest houses in Punjab and K-P, respectively, should be finalised,’ Premier Imran said chairing a meeting of Tourism Task Force the PM Office on Monday according to an official statement.
South Korea will continue work on visas so that more people from Asean countries can easily make a visit, said Yu Byungchae, director general of the tourism industry policy bureau at the RoK’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
According to United Nations Environment Programme (2009), the exclusive blend of resources at the border of land and sea provide foundation for coastal tourism. These resources include beaches, scenic grandeur, biological and cultural diversity etc which support a broad range of tourism activities.
Pakistan currently ranks 124 out of 136 benchmarked countries on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index developed by the World Economic Forum (2017).

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