Covid-19 has crippled television production in 2020. And yet, an astonishing number of new series — limited and otherwise — have premiered so far this year. Maybe you’ve already seen the most talked-about shows: “The Last Dance,” “Normal People,” “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Tiger King,” “The Vow.” That leaves only about 500 more. No person with decent sleep hygiene can or should keep up with them all.

But Thanksgiving, and the long weekend it introduces, invites bingeing of all kinds. Here are a dozen options, across form, genre and age rating, that you may have slept on. And since these are all debuts (meaning they have aired only one season or are limited series), you can watch them in their entirety, or at least until that tryptophan really kicks in.

American girls who came of age in the ’80s and ’90s regarded Ann M. Martin’s novels of tween entrepreneurship as sacred texts. Happily, the series creator Rachel Shukert has updated these stories to the screen without losing any of Martin’s sympathy, pluck and can-do attitude. “It’s heartwarming but not heavy,” our critic James Poniewozik wrote. The casting is impeccable, for the preteens and parents both — particularly Alicia Silverstone as a frazzled mom. Which probably explains the show’s immense intergenerational appeal. Gen X and millennial parents can reunite with the literary heroines of their youth. Their Gen Z kids can ask what a landline is.

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