Prairie tourists

Montanans are discovering a less populated landscape by camping at the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana.

National forest campgrounds and state parks weren’t the only places to see a surge in visitation last summer. Eastern Montana’s American Prairie Reserve also recorded its highest tourism season.

This growing interest suggests visitors should consider making reservations earlier this year, said Mike Kautz, American Prairie’s director of Recreation and Public Access, in a press release.

“Word of this pretty unique prairie experience we offer is quickly spreading,” Kautz said. “We fully expect our reservation inventory to fill up quickly this year.”

Information on reservations and trip planning can be found online at

Reservations are not a requirement to explore American Prairie Reserve.

“Dispersed tent camping on public lands and on the Reserve’s deeded lands is free of charge and anyone is welcome to enjoy it,” he said. “However, we encourage all visitors to read the safety considerations on our website and prepare adequately whether they make reservations or rough it with dispersed camping.”


American Prairie Reserve has three huts on its property that are available for rental.

There are now three huts available on American Prairie’s PN unit, located in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Each hut costs $128 per night, can host up to eight to nine people and offer kitchens, bedrooms and a bathroom.

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